Samba, Football… and Coworking!

Focus on the Brazilian coworking communities

São Paulo, Brazil

If you’re interested in the booming coworking scene and already did some research about it, you probably noticed one phenomenon: a large amount of information is in Portuguese.

More and more coworking spaces and events are emerging in Portugal, but there seems to be a second country explaining better the presence of this language: Brazil!

Brazil is one of today’s main developing economies, and coworking has been present in the country since approximately 2008 (Orlando 2013). The growth in startups and freelancers was a main reason for the introduction of the phenomenon.

Despite being still a relatively recent concept, numbers show its success: almost 400 coworking communities were established in the country as of April 2016 ( 2016). The state of São Paulo is the heart of this movement, hosting around 150 coworking spaces.

This puts Brazil in the Worldwide top 10 in terms of size of the coworking market.

Communities have a large role in this success and spaces work hard to make sure that their communities feel well-cared-for. 92.9% of coworking spaces organize events and 26% are pet friendly: communities do include everyone! ( 2016)

Do you work in a coworking space in Brazil and would like to share your personal experience? Just leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

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