Bison vs. Simple: Why You Should Choose Bison Pumps

If you live off well water, you have probably realized that you are at great risk if and when a power outage occurs. Once your electric pump goes out, how are you going to get water into your house?

When you start shopping around for hand-operated well pumps, you’ll find there are a lot of cheap, cast-iron versions available. They are usually made in India with leather seals that need to be replaced constantly.

You might find there are some companies making a better version, but the design is utilitarian and ugly. They’ve cut some corners, too, when it comes to quality components.

The best pump on the market, by far, is Bison Pumps. And here’s why:

1. Construction “Like a Rock”

Remember the old Chevy commercials crooning “Like a Rock”? Well the Bison Pump is made like a rock. With its all Stainless Steel construction, even down to the bolts, it will never corrode, rust or wear. The components are welded together by a master welder. It can stand against the elements for years and years to come. The Bison Pump is a beautifully rugged hand pump.

2. Over-Engineered with only the BEST Materials

Some people quickly throw together a design just to be the first on the market. (Think, Samsung.) Bison is the Apple of the hand pumps market. They take their time, sincerely considering the functionality and design. The water-tight seal on the casing is a game-changer. You won’t find this with other hand pumps! The ergonomic design of the handle is appealing and yet easy to use.

Bison Pumps’ down-the-well lift rods are Stainless Steel. The competitors use a cheaper material — fiberglass — which is dangerous AND defies potable water regulations. If it shatters, your well is contaminated with tiny shards of fiberglass, rendering it inoperable.

Whether it’s the above-ground pump head or the below-ground cylinder, Bison Pumps has thought about everything. Just call their tech support to find out.

3. Lifetime Warranty & Personalized Customer Service

Bison Pumps offers a LIFETIME Warranty on all the constructed parts of the pump. How can they do this? The pump is so high-quality that Bison can afford a Lifetime Warranty for every pump for every customer. For the rest of your life, you have a go-to expert on your pump. You don’t have to Google and browse forums. Just call or email Bison and you get a quick, knowledgeable answer.

4. Beautiful Design, Made in America

Did I mention it’s a beautiful pump? The pump is HAND POLISHED to a mirror finish. Made in the USA by American workers. You can’t find products like this anymore. Just like the nostalgia this beautiful hand pump will bring, it’s a product still living in the “good ole days” of American Manufacturing. The engineering and the machining may be high-tech, but the quality and attention to detail is as old-fashioned as…well, a hand pump!

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