Dear BISTOX Users!

❗️ Due to the previously announced upgrade of our platform, we do NOT allow to use any features of BISTOX Exchange.

❌ Please, DO NOT trade / make deposits or withdrawals in order to avoid the loss of funds.

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Due to the latest updates of Ethereum network, we decided to create a new token that complies with all latest features.

Old smart contract address:

New smart contract address:

Prove yourself as an active and experienced community member and become a living legend of the @BistoxEx community. 🤝

👤 All members are rewarded with XP (experience points). You get randomized amount of XP (between 1 and 12) for your text messages, once in 1–4 minutes. After reaching the required amount of XP, you rank up.


BISTOX 👨‍🦰 Rookie — 0 XP
BISTOX 🔰 Jr. Member — 505 XP
BISTOX 🛡 Common Member — 1725 XP
BISTOX 🀄️ Uncommon Member — 4575 XP
BISTOX 💎 Rare Member — 8585 XP
BISTOX 🌀 Mythical Member — 14355 XP
BISTOX 🥋 Hero Member — 21285 XP

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a high level of growth. Records have shown that market capitalization has increased 21 times since 2013. The same record also revealed that the cryptocurrency capitalization market stood at $221 174 846 174 as of 4Q 2019. Even more, the increase in the growth of capitalization also led to a rise in trading volume.

What Does BISTOX Mean?

BISTOX is a digital cryptocurrency exchange. Our mission is to move cryptocurrency away from speculation, to daily usage in every neighborhood. The platform aims to give traders the best possible experience from trading cryptocurrency. …

Bursting into a human life like a hurricane, the blockchain technology began to gradually win the hearts of people and attract more and more followers. Every day there are more and more new amazing projects, each of which is created to improve a particular industry. But some of them create something absolutely beautiful, capable of fundamentally changing the world, creating a completely new way of existence of this or that industry. Others may get rid a specific industry of problem areas. …

We conducted a small interview with authors of the new ICO project — Bistox Exchange. Bistox team consists of professionals coming both from cryptocurrency niche and financial sector which guarantees a diverse view on the current events shaking the world of virtual money.

What’s going on with Bitcoin and the market generally?

In 2017 the total cryptocurrency market cap almost hit one trillion dollars, with the Bitcoin price skied up to $20,000. It all seemed that the growth will never stop and the happiness will never end. Everyone was passionately arguing about Bitcoin price predictions and the famous influencer John…

Since 2016 the amount of blockchain wallets increased six times, and, although, it signalized about growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the majority of newcomers were losing their money in the first month of their trading career. This trend mainly happens because beginners tend to ignore the six commandments of trading and investment. These are listed below:

  • Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Although, blockchain technology is extremely promising and truly has a great potential, it will take years and years for the economy to change, until it will be ready to accommodate the blockchain.
  • Always pay close attention…

Since the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom, more and more people became interested in digital money, thus, leading to the tremendous waves of new users entering the market, and cryptocurrency exchanges in particular. No surprise the customer supports were not ready to accommodate such a huge number of newcomers, and soon poor customer support became an Achilles’ heel of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If in the beginning customer supports were able to process the request in a day or max two, eventually, it could take weeks or even months. There is no secret that even to finish KYC took up to…

On October 14–18 the Bistox Team participated at GITEX Technology week 2018 where Bistox Exchange CEO Arutyun Nazaryan presented the project and shared his thoughts about the future of blockchain and the Cryptocurrency in the panel discussion!

Check out this interview with Co-founder and CEO of Bistox Exchange Arutyun Nazaryan that was recorded at World Digital Mining Summit where he presented the project and talked with BITMAIN, BITCAN, Antpool, NEXO and many other companies. Go Bistox!

Bistox Exchange

Trading platform where users can keep their funds safe due to our cyber security solutions, regular financial audits and usage of NEM blockchain.

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