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Mar 25 · 2 min read

Hi everyone!

This is a short announcement that we will be migrating (mirroring) your videos from to soon. You don’t need to do anything. will stay operational, so don’t worry.

Things you need to know:

  • Accounts that are registered on both platforms will be merged. Your content will be copied to your library.
  • accounts not yet registered on will have a profile created for them and the content copied over.
  • The migration applies to video posts only.
  • During this process, you may see your content appears on in batches of five.

Once completed, we will send an email detailing how to login to your new account.

What is, anyway?

Good question! is the next development on our roadmap to decentralize BitTube. It is an open-source federated ActvityPub instance, based on PeerTube, with full control by the instance owner, BitTube in this case. People can deploy their own instances and enforce their own policies. It gives freedom for users to go elsewhere for certain types of content or policy enforcement. Every instance competes in a free market place to attract users. In short, this is a pro-consumer “big picture” approach to decentralization. Every instance (including our official instance) is incentivized to have sensible policies that benefit the user base. The goal is to merge’s social features with this framework. The migration of videos is the first step.

You can find the code repository here.

What will happen to

The long-term goal is for to adopt the same PeerTube framework just for live streaming, while becomes the home for video content.

Additionally, we have acquired which we will designate as the “all-in-one” social domain and will be based on Mastodon. Since each domain will share the same federated framework, we can start overlapping features where it makes sense. Think of embedding videos and live streams on the .social domain, cross-posting text and image posts to your .video or .tv feeds, maintaining groups and friends lists across domains, combined notifications, and so on.

In essence, the .video and .tv domains give more creative freedom for us to develop features for those content types in isolation (videos and live streaming), while the .social domain can embed everything in one place. Importantly, this approach gives creators much more freedom in maintaining separate spaces (with separate themes) for each content type without the need for separate channels.

Keep an eye on our social channels for further updates. Thanks!

Your BitTube Team

Bit Tube Official

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