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Personal Conversational Customer Experience powered by Bit6

Talkdesk customers can now add AssistHub’s personal conversation customer experience technology to their contact center through AppConnect!

One of the few carefully selected solutions, AssistHub powered by Bit6 enables efficient communication between customers and businesses, making the companies available to their customers at the right time and place. AssistHub utilizes communication capabilities such as live chat, SMS, and app messaging.

Messaging by AssistHub is all about rich communications, allowing for texting, image, video, and file exchange, contextual messaging, escalation to voice, and interactive conversations.

Minimizing agent and user friction, AssistHub integrates seamlessly with the support desk used by the client companies. The tickets can be answered in real time or asynchronously.

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Moving, moving to a new place!!

Time to get a new look!

We were recently refreshing the look of our Cloud Communication Platform website and docs, and as we were taken by the wind of change we decided to adopt Medium as our blogging tool.

All the fabulous writing we’ve done prior to October 2017 is conveniently available here. If you are completely new to Bit6, enjoy reading our previous posts, otherwise stay tuned and come back soon!

Cheers from Bit6 Team!!


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