BITBEST Global Roving Summit was successfully held in Vietnam

4 min readDec 27, 2023

On December 24, 2023, in the beautiful Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, the BITBEST Global Tour Summit was officially announced to be a complete success. This event has become the focus of the global blockchain industry, attracting many well-known scholars in the industry and BITBEST’s global elite leaders to participate.

At the beginning of the summit, Mr. Max Turing, CTO of BITBEST, announced that BITBEST officially launched BES centralized exchange and explained the underlying technical logic of BES in detail. At the same time, the official launch ceremony of BES centralized exchange was also held on site, which marked another major breakthrough of BITBEST in the blockchain industry. As a core component of the BITBEST ecosystem, the BES centralized exchange will provide users with a comprehensive range of digital asset trading services. Whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or other mainstream digital currencies, users can easily transact on the BES centralized exchange and enjoy low fees, high liquidity and a safe and reliable trading environment. Mr. Max Turing said that the launch of BES is only a milestone in the development of BITBEST, and the BITBEST team will continue to strive for innovation and development of decentralized exchange, so as to bring users a more open, fair and decentralized trading environment.

In the second part of the summit, BITBEST invited Maxwell Lee, one of the founders of SYCL, to the stage to share. Mr. Li introduced SYCL’s innovative concept and technical advantages to the participants, and deeply analyzed SYCL’s application scenarios and prospects in the field of blockchain. Excitingly, Mr. Li also announced the official strategic cooperation between SYCL and BITBEST. This cooperation will bring more cooperation opportunities and space for common development for both sides. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in technology research and development, market promotion, ecological construction and other aspects, and are committed to providing users with more secure and efficient blockchain solutions. In order to officially confirm this strategic cooperation, representatives from both BITBEST and SYCL conducted a signing ceremony at the meeting. This important moment bears witness to the common determination and confidence of both sides and marks the official launch of cooperation between the two sides.

Next, BITBEST invited the representatives of the Vietnam operation team to explain in detail the static and dynamic income models of BITBEST lending, and introduced to the participants the innovative mode of BITBEST in the field of lending and lending, as well as how to create more profits for users through this mode. In addition, the principle of value increase of BST, SYCL and BES tokens is also shared, so that everyone can better understand the investment potential and value-added opportunities of these tokens.

After the conference, BITBEST also prepared a wonderful dinner for the participants. To celebrate the success of the event, we tasted delicious food and wine amid cheerful music and dynamic dancing. At the same time, there was also a raffle for millions of prizes, which made the whole dinner more exciting.

BITBEST Global Roving Summit is a gathering of global blockchain industry elites. Through this summit, BITBEST not only shows its innovative achievements in the blockchain field, but also brings more cooperation and exchange opportunities to the industry. During the global Summit tour, we were fortunate to witness the release of a series of remarkable innovative technologies and products of BITBEST, and also had in-depth exchanges and discussions with outstanding global leaders of BITBEST. BITBEST has always been committed to promoting scientific and technological innovation and the development of the industry. Through continuous exploration and breakthrough, they have not only made remarkable achievements in the field of blockchain technology, but also continuously expanded partnerships, improved the stability and reliability of products, and won the trust and recognition of many partners.

Together, let’s wish BITBEST even bigger strides to cross the Pacific and open up a broader market. Join hands with partners around the world to jointly promote the development of blockchain technology and contribute to the prosperity of the digital economy. We look forward to BITBEST making greater achievements in the future development and bringing more innovation and progress to the global blockchain industry!




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