First off, we’d like to share that we expect to list on Osmosis tomorrow, October 29th, around 12:30 UTC, with 2 pools: BCNA/ATOM and BCNA/OSMO.

Secondly, we’d like to announce that we will provide external liquidity incentives on Osmosis, starting tomorrow. We will allocate 6M BCNA of the Marketing address…

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our first on-chain proposal to unlock staking rewards in the new BitCanna network!

Haven’t swapped your coins from the old network yet? Start here.

Voting for the proposal

All validators and delegators in our network can now vote for the proposal, as we have already funded the…

It’s been exactly six days since we went live with our brand-new Cosmos-SDK blockchain. We’re happy to share that our blockchain launch was a great success. An astonishing milestone and we’re grateful for all the positive feedback we have been receiving from within the space!

In this blog post, we’ll…


BitCanna will provide a Decentralized Payment Network, Supply Chain and Trust Network for the legal Cannabis Industry. Join us:

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