Italian Cannabis Lovers Rejoice: BitCanna Welcomes Cannabeasy

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Yet another pioneering young business joins the BitCanna Alliance. Discover how Cannabeasy aims to bring light cannabis to every resident in Italy.

Thanks to the latest partnership between Cannabeasy and BitCanna, instant in-store payments and online acceptance of the BitCanna coin (BCNA) are a reality for Italian cannabis enthusiasts. Despite confusing legislation, the Italian market is alive and well, courtesy of low-THC (less than 0.6%), high-CBD cannabis strains — the very same range of products Cannabeasy pride themselves on providing for residents of Milan.

A Bold And Ambitious Vision From Cannabeasy

Italian marijuana is commonly referred to as “light cannabis”, the result of a legislative workaround that has cannabis producers breeding low-THC strains. That’s not to say Italian markets are missing out on quality cannabis, on the contrary, CBD-rich strains come well-documented for their highly beneficial role in improving general wellbeing.

Cannabeasy operates out of their central Milan store and a newly launched website. Although delivery of their extensive product range is limited to those living in Milan, they aim to have their cannabis light strains to your door in 60 minutes or less. Young and fresh to the industry, Cannabeasy has a bold and ambitious vision. By establishing dominance in Milan, their future goals involve providing the same high-quality cannabis to all homes in Italy.

Their current range includes well-known varieties like Gorilla Glue, NYC Diesel, OG Kush, and Pineapple, each with the Italian twist — containing less than 0.45% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and up to a stunning 10% cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabeasy also stocks a range of cannabis-related paraphernalia including grinders, filters, and king-sized papers. They are the one-stop shop for incredible cannabis if you live in Milan.

The Italian Cannabis Market Is Growing Fast

Legislative changes in 2016 encouraged a sudden and momentous surge in demand for cannabis. Italian consumers could consume legal, industrial-grade cannabis sativa as long as it operated within the framework of less than 0.6% THC content.

In the 1940s, the country was known for being the second largest producer of industrial hemp, however, unclear laws have slowed the growth of a market on the precipice of being a multi-billion euro industry. Recent forecasts estimate that by 2028, the combined total of both primary and secondary Italian markets for medical, recreational, and industrial grade cannabis could be worth over €15.8b.

To ensure all of Cannabeasy’s customers have total peace of mind, every strain supplied by them has a detailed toxicological report available to view on their website. Every package is also shipped in nondescript packaging to prevent any unwanted attention.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The relationship between BitCanna and Cannabeasy is a prime example of how two companies share the same goal of striving for a more progressive future in the cannabis industry.

Cannabeasy is a new venture that wants to break down the barriers faced by Italian cannabis consumers and provide light cannabis to residents countrywide. For Cannabeasy to achieve their goal, the support of BitCanna, a pioneering cryptocurrency, will offer a purpose-built blockchain network to facilitate Italy’s cannabis-related payments. It is clear to see that as the Italian cannabis industry develops, and as parliament explores the legislation surrounding the legal use of all types of cannabis, Cannabeasy, BitCanna, and the rest of the BitCanna Alliance will be there to guide consumers.

BitCanna, The Future Of Cannabis Payment Options

BitCanna is a purpose-built blockchain network that will allow payment solutions, logistical infrastructure, and unparalleled levels of transparency to build a trustworthy reputation for the European cannabis market and beyond. The BitCanna Alliance is comprised of over 20 industry-leading companies, suppliers, and seed producers — all united to drive the continued success, growth, and legalisation of cannabis for mainstream markets.

Why BitCanna? We’ve summed up 10 reasons: 👇

1 Booming business
The global cannabis market is expanding at an extremely fast pace.

2 Powered by the industry
BitCanna has already established partnerships with the top brands in the industry.

3 World-famous brands
The BitCanna Alliance is active in over 27 countries and globally connected within the industry.

4 Millions of visitors
The partners have over 10 million unique visitors per month.

5 15 Years of experience
Team with over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry.

6 Custom blockchain Live at launch
The BitCanna main net will be fully live as a payment network with wallet 1.0 at launch.

7 Proof-of-Stake
A Proof-of-Stake blockchain will be used to process all BitCanna transactions.

8 Online integration
Direct integration with the biggest online shops at the launch of the project.

9 Physical stores across europe
Integrated with physical stores in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and many more to come.

10 International media partners
Supported by well-known international media partners.

📖 BitCanna whitepaper v1.01 : http://bit.ly/2Lua44c

Whitelisting is live! There’s still some free tokens to claim! 🔥

Maximum Sign-Ups for Private Sale: 15.000
Start Whitelisting: 01–07–2018
Runtime: Until November 1st, 2018 or 15.000 Sign-Ups

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