A Brief History of Advertising

Advertising has emerged as a crucial component of business operations since time immemorial. The history and evolution of advertising has tracked, and in many cases been the impetus and driver for, progress in communications technology. The yellow pages, a collection of print directories for businesses that played an important role in extending telephony to enterprise, was funded by selling advertising space.

The rise of the Internet accelerated the reach of advertising but also changed the ways in which people respond to ads. Yahoo, once the de facto ingress point for the Internet, was in many ways the digital analog of the yellow pages and the bridge to today’s Internet landing pages.

The media for advertising have become more efficient with time but the core function of advertising, creating relevant connections between people and services, has seen only marginal improvement. Search and social media — although distinct in their customer facing services and revolutionary in their crystallization of large-scale high-performance knowledge and social graphs — follow a very similar business model dating back to before Yahoo and the yellow pages.

The next step in the evolution of advertising is truly revolutionary. The blockchain is a powerful emerging technology that enables mutually distrusting parties to engage in mutually beneficial co-enterprise without the requirement of a central authority. Decentralized search is the next step in this progression of advertising as a medium for people and business to connect. BitClave applies these powerful design patterns to re-imagining a more transparent and meaningful medium for people and businesses to engage in value creation. Learn more about the BitClave decentralized search ecosystem at www.bitclave.com!