A Message for Vitalik and the Community

In a previous post, we included the following picture:

Alex meeting Vitalik Buterin in Shanghai

While the post including the image made no reference to any sort of partnership or collaboration between BitClave and Vitalik, we also did not explicitly state that there was no such connection. We have since learned that it came to the attention of not only our community, but Vitalik himself, and was misconstrued as perhaps a misguided attempt to leverage Vitalik’s person as publicity for our platform. After this post was published and we realized that people within the community were taking it to mean there was some form of partnership between BitClave and Vitalik, we began connecting with users in our community channels who were asking this of us. Though we attempted to rectify this misunderstanding with a message to our community in our Slack and Telegram channels and a blog post, well before it came to Vitalik’s attention, unfortunately the news was spreading. Our CEO Alex has reached out to Vitalik on Twitter to publicly.

To Vitalik: We sincerely apologize. As we mentioned in the follow-up post shortly after the first, you are a huge inspiration to our team along with many in the blockchain community. We admire your work, and when Alex had the chance to meet you in Shanghai, he was elated and shared the photo with our team. Considering your status within the blockchain world, it was an exciting event for us here at BitClave, and we meant only to express enthusiasm and, to be honest, gratitude for your time at the event.

To the community: It has always been important for us to show that the BitClave team and leadership take an active role in the blockchain community at large, traveling to as many conferences and events as we can manage to continue learning about advancements in blockchain technology and the best practices for distributed app development that teams around the world are graciously sharing. At one of these events in Shanghai, Alex was fortunate to meet Vitalik at a time where he had a free moment, and it was exciting for all of us blockchain enthusiasts on the BitClave team.

After receiving several inquiries through our community channels questioning if Vitalik was involved with our project in any way, we realized that this needed to be addressed and clarified so as not to be misleading. Given our upcoming announcement regarding our crowdfunding timeline, the decision was made to include a point about the photo in that publication. We have never claimed Vitalik was advising or collaborating with BitClave in any way, and it was never our intention to leave the door open for speculation. We are, and shall forever remain, grateful for his contributions to blockchain technology and continue to be excited about his work.