Assessing Your Cyber Vulnerability

Our increasingly online world is risky for consumers and businesses. A health check for cyber security vulnerabilities can help your business stay one step ahead.

Not sure if your online business is secure? Take our survey now to find out if you may have unsecured vulnerabilities.

Data Under Attack

The web facilitates an ever-increasing number of our commercial transactions, opening consumers up to privacy violations from company data breaches. That sensitive financial data is in addition to all the information consumers share with social media sites and email lists, and in countless other interactions online.

Almost every company that holds user or consumer information is susceptible to a malicious attack that can be financially and reputationally costly — a fact illustrated by the recent Marriott hotels customer data breach which exposed the sensitive data of over 500 million customers.

Discover your Security Profile

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your customers and yourself to know the strengths and vulnerabilities of your data management and related information systems.

BitClave can run a comprehensive risk assessment that maintains your privacy, along with that of your users. Based on empirical security data (not employee reports), our risk assessment report is not only accurate, it comes with risk mitigation recommendations, too. We base our mitigation tools recommendation on best practices and your business’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities.

After implementation, we reassess to make sure our strategies can effectively mitigate cyber attacks on your business.

Insure Your Business

Even with the best cybersecurity techniques to minimize the success of possible attacks, mitigation still involves risk.

Cyber insurance can protect you from taking the financial hit of a data breach which can come from the costs of emergency public relations, lost business while your site is down, user compensation, or legal fees. An evolving industry, cyber insurance comes in many different shapes and sized to suit different business’s needs.

BitClave can even connect you with service providers, who will compensate you for sharing information about your business. And with a complete security profile and recently enhanced cybersecurity measures, you come into your cyber insurance negotiation informed about your security needs and able to make an educated protection plan choice.

Not sure if your online business is secure? Take our survey now to find out if you may have unsecured vulnerabilities.