If you Build it, They will Come

Image c/o 30btc.com

Cryptocurrency Continues to Grow

Leading up to the Bitcoin protocol hard fork on August 1st, 2017, the cryptocurrency market went through a downturn, leading many to state that the ‘bubble’ had burst. Since that date, however, there has been an unprecedented increase in interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With a total market capitalization surpassing $129 billion USD according to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is healthier than ever.

With Interest Comes Advancement

As more users become invested, in time, money, and effort, in the cryptocurrency space, a direct correlation is the continued development of more blockchain-based technology along with advances in existing platforms. This means that more people than ever have access to digital currencies, as a store of wealth or means of payment, and the associated applications that come along with buying, trading, and using cryptocurrencies. Wallets, browsers, prediction markets, even e-sports betting platforms have cropped up, turning cryptocurrencies into a thriving ecosystem of user engagement. With major retailers adopting the technology as well, it’s never been easier for those interested to get involved.

This is what needed to happen. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are bleeding edge, complex technologies that have massive disruptive potential. But, there was a need for user-friendly application layers that elevated the tech out of the hands of developers and engineers exclusively, allowing for widespread business and personal use.

Blockchain is Ready

With the rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency marketplace, the technology finds itself further permeating mainstream audiences, being covered in reputable major news outlets like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and more. This increased recognition is lifting the veil of mystery around cryptocurrencies, making them more appealing for use in day-to-day situations.

Consumers are actively looking for businesses that not only address their product or service needs, but do so in a progressive, future-oriented way. Adopting blockchain technology (where it makes sense) and accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment helps businesses capitalize on a first-mover advantage into this emerging space, and demonstrates industry leadership. BitClave is helping businesses efficiently move into the blockchain space in a way that integrates into their current operations, but also naturally fits with their customers’ shopping behavior.

Businesses are already spending significant portions of their budgets on advertising, with comparatively little success, while consumers have grown weary of being inundated with irrelevant ads that interrupt their web browsing. We’re connecting businesses with the customers who are looking for them, using the technology both sides want to use. BitClave is turning digital advertising into a ‘Win-Win’ ecosystem.