Completing surveys is a popular — yet time-intensive — way to make some cash online. LimitlessReward by BitClave is the best way to maximize the return on your effort.

Making Money Online Through Surveys

If you’re not aware of the practice of taking online consumer surveys for compensation, it’s time to get familiar with this simple, popular way of making money online. Essentially, surveys exist to connect companies to consumers and, additionally, people who could potentially be interested in their product. Companies get feedback about how their services or products are received, and to understand the marketplace. Because that information is valuable, manufacturers and service providers want to compensate their reviewers whose survey responses they will relay on in the future for strategic decision making.

What are the Hurdles of Normal Survey Sites?

There’s still an important question to answer about paid surveys for consumer feedback. Most participants find their surveys on specific aggregator websites, which are convenient spots for companies to place their surveys. However, you might find surveys with no or very little compensation value for you, the participant. These middle man sites all have different methods of rewarding survey participants, which can slow down your money-making capability. Often, there’s a minimum — reached at about 10 surveys — before you can get your cash rewards. Plus, each aggregator site sign up shares your email and personal information with that site, and those details might not be as protected as you hope. …

Our increasingly online world is risky for consumers and businesses. A health check for cyber security vulnerabilities can help your business stay one step ahead.

Not sure if your online business is secure? Take our survey now to find out if you may have unsecured vulnerabilities.

Data Under Attack

The web facilitates an ever-increasing number of our commercial transactions, opening consumers up to privacy violations from company data breaches. That sensitive financial data is in addition to all the information consumers share with social media sites and email lists, and in countless other interactions online.

Almost every company that holds user or consumer information is susceptible to a malicious attack that can be financially and reputationally costly — a fact illustrated by the recent Marriott hotels customer data breach which exposed the sensitive data of over 500 million customers. …

BitClave, a leader in data security and privacy, launched a simple, secure, peer-to-peer donation matching service to help people recently experienced hardships such as the Camp Fire in CA, severe snowstorms in North and South Carolina: https://refugeedonor.com/

When a disaster strikes, whether it’s a fire, flood, snowstorm, or hurricane, losing homes and personal belongings that have monetary or sentimental values is unimaginably painful for anyone. While many charity organizations and community centers try to help, but it is unclear what and how much refugees actually need to just get through the next day or week. …



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