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Bitcoin Rhodium
Mar 31 · 4 min read

The Bitcoin Rhodium software has finally been publicly-released, making it 100% open-sourced! The run-up to node (code) release involved diligent attention to detail, to to be absolutely sure that when people start participating in the network, the experience will be smooth. Moreover, we decided that carefully releasing it first through the mainnet, then the exchanges and the software, was the best path to take.

The Bitcoin Rhodium software has finally been publicly-released, making it 100% open-sourced! — Tweet this

The reason it took so long, is that we not only wanted to develop a coin with a viable, defensible use case, but fully understand every aspect of what we were building — particularly, from a security perspective, before releasing the software to the public. Following tireless work by our dev team — in essence, a labor of love spanning 16 months, We feel Bitcoin Rhodium has grown to the point that it is ready to be 100% open-sourced.

GitLab links: Node| Electrum | Electrumx| MiningCore

Amidst the exhaustive effort of building out a brand-new blockchain — incorporating Bitcoin’s best features, and adding a few of our own (like the Strong Hands in-kind dividend program); we’d like to say a few words about the decisions the development team has made, in building what it hopes to be a go-to store-of-value coin, for small and large investors alike.

Bitcoin Rhodium is based on .NET Bitcoin libraries and thus, Bitcoin technology. In other words, we started with a reliable base to build our value proposition. With quality cryptography libraries, good engineering decisions, and the peer-to-peer layer that are hallmarks of Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies, we were able to slowly but surely, build a rock-solid crypto protocol.

We believe Bitcoin Rhodium is valuable because it is scarce, with options that appeal to large, long-term investors. The dev team is 100% committed to establishing Bitcoin Rhodium as a household crypto name; and thus, are working very hard — from marketing, to communication, infrastructure, knowledge building, and community building. This has been an amazing effort, to see it grow as it has.

We believe Bitcoin Rhodium is valuable because it is scarce, with options that appeal to large, long-term investors — Tweet this

We decided early on to use .NET tools because this is where our experience lies. Our team has strong collective experience in .NET and C#, so it was a natural choice. The .NET community has produced great libraries — like portions of NBitcoin and an parts of an earlier version of a .NET full Bitcoin node originally made available from those who developed Stratis; along with the complexity and edge cases present in cryptography software in general. Despite our sensible use of existing software, there was plenty to work on and test, which was helped by running our highly trafficked nodes.

We are also working with a lot of tools. Porting Electrum to support XRC; developing a custom block explorer and web wallet; and doing a lot of work behind the scenes — like maintaining and optimizing our mining pool; has caused us to seek out, and utilize, the best tools in the space. Through our decisions, we have, for example, introduced people to using Electrum. Many have said they never heard of it before, but are excited to use it. Moreover, with the public code release, we are now able to submit to major hardware wallet provider, which is being done as we speak. We believe investors will also appreciate the three options — web wallet, Electrum; and inevitably, hardware wallets — for storing their Bitcoin Rhodium.

The net result of these long months of hard work, crisis management, and dozens of development decisions, is an ultra-scarce coin with growth and income potential for years to come. Bitcoin Rhodium’s outlook has never been stronger — and we hope you are excited as we are, because our contribution to the cryptocurrency space is part of a bigger revolution!

More details: Website | Whitepaper | Mining Pool | Explorer

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Bitcoin Rhodium

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