We are excited to inform you that today, June 12th, Bitcoin Rhodium was officially listed at WhiteBIT exchange. There, you will find Bitcoin Rhodium under the XRC ticker and will be able to trade against Bitcoin (BTC).

WhiteBIT is a promising Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange established in 2019 with a strong focus on user experience (see for example the available mobile application) and security.

The exchange guarantees trading fee of 0.1% flat for both takers and makers upon a successful execution of a trade. Deposit fees are free for all listed coins. Withdrawal fees then differ for individual coins (0.01 XRC, 0.0005 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 5 USDT). On the other hand, FIAT withdrawals, available in USD via Advcash, are also free. Learn more about exchange fees here.

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Following feedback from our and other crypto users using exchanges, we would like to share the following message:

We think that a reasonable amount of due diligence should be performed by both the Bitcoin Rhodium development team and the exchange user. There is no way that in an unregulated world of cryptocurrencies that one can be 100% sure of anything. All members of the development team, having invested in cryptocurrencies themselves before, agree that it has always been their responsibility to decide whether to send coins to an exchange or not.

Take Cryptopia for example: are all the devs from all the coins trading at the exchange responsible for the delay they had with withdrawals? Absolutely not. Announcing that an exchange has listed Bitcoin Rhodium is not an endorsement made by its development team.

We make no guarantees regarding the security of the respective exchanges and we don’t and never will promote any of them as 100% safe. In fact, we are clients of the exchange. We paid them. And we are the ones who have the most to lose.

On this note, we hope that this message explains well enough what the development team’s position is on this issue and why we would like to ask kindly for every XRC holder to exercise an appropriate level of caution before making any investment decision.

Bitcoin Rhodium development team

Bitcoin Rhodium

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