How to Mine Bitcoin Rhodium

Bitcoin Rhodium
Dec 12, 2018 · 3 min read
Why to mine Bitcoin Rhodium Video

Mining Setup

To mine BitCoin Rhodium you need to set up a BTR wallet and configure your miner of choice. To set up a wallet please visit

Sign up for BTR wallet if not yet done so

  1. Create an account, with your username, password and secure question.

Set up your miner

1. Any miner that supports X13 will be able to mine BTR. We have a few examples below of miners that are well tested with BTR network.

CPU Miner-Multi



SGMiner is a GPU-based mine:


CCMiner is a GPU-based miner (NVIDIA)

Baikal miner

Settings: Url:

Feel free to ask questions in BTR Discord community. There are lots of helpful people around the world watching BTR 24x7.

BitCoin Rhodium Dev Team

Bitcoin Rhodium

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