BitDice to employ IOTA Technology on its next-generation platform

We are pleased to announce that BitDice Casino has decided to start working on integration of IOTA’s tangle to BitDice’s infrastructure for addressing a number of critical shortcomings presently available for ethereum smart-contract solutions.

BitDice is pursuing to develop the best practical way of accommodating on-chain gaming content using unique capabilities of IOTA technology.

BitDice’s adoption of IOTA due to the superior nature of the technology should help the Casino to overcome issues related to high execution cost as well as slow speed of the games that require dynamic betting.

Along with adding IOTA to the list of accepted currencies, BitDice has established an R&D working group to ally with the open and vibrant IOTA community, on achieving the set out goals.

In the coming weeks, BitDice will be thoroughly engaged in testing IOTA’s various application methods and will finalize adding its token to the array of available betting instruments.

We believe that cooperation with IOTA developers will translate into new standard of gaming experience for the user.

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