What is the Ethereum London Fork?

Ethereum’s London hard fork is an update to the Ethereum blockchain. It’s going to be the latest protocol upgrade since the April 2021 Berlin hard fork. The London hard fork includes some of the most heavily discussed Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) in recent years; 5 EIPs in total.

In this post, we’re going to focus on the most notable EIP - EIP-1559 which introduces a new fee structure to make ETH deflationary. We will be laying out key elements of the proposal, where people can learn more, and what customers can expect from BitGo.

With the Tokyo Olympics finally upon us, BitGo is celebrating the long-awaited return of the summer games by taking a look at Bitcoin’s adoption in sports. It’s no secret that many athletes endorse Bitcoin and some are even compensated with it. Each month we see a growing number of athletes contributing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a variety of ways.

The current generation of pro athletes is pioneering Bitcoin adoption and immersing themselves in the crypto landscape. They are proactive in taking their financial futures into their own hands by learning about, participating in, and investing in cryptocurrencies. Their stated…

By Samer Fayssal, BitGo Head of Security

The President of the United States recently signed an executive order which seeks to strengthen the cybersecurity of our country’s infrastructure, illustrating how cybersecurity has moved into the forefront of our society. While cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important across all industries, the cryptocurrency industry in particular operates at the tip of this spear and has the opportunity to lead the way with new standards. …

Though we are only several months into the year, Bitcoin has already had a groundbreaking 2021. Endorsements from prominent figures in the financial world, increased institutional investment, and Tesla investing $1.5 billion into Bitcoin have all enhanced the digital asset’s legitimacy. Bitcoin’s adoption as a means of exchange has also made exponential progress over the last few years. This increasing mainstream adoption is apparent in the evolution of consumers having the option to use Bitcoin to buy household items on Overstock.com in 2014 to today’s announcement that one can buy a Tesla using Bitcoin.

Below is a list of 24…

What do NBA highlights, a $69 million Beeple collage, and a handful of low-resolution, algorithmically-generated avatars have in common? They are all examples of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, and together, they constitute a large and growing blockchain-enabled market that is rapidly evolving into a billion-dollar industry.

What are NFTs?

Fine art has long been thought of as an alternative investment asset. Its value goes beyond aesthetic qualities and encompasses scarcity and the ability to serve as a store of value that is largely uncorrelated with traditional asset classes. With their shared status as prominent alternative investment assets, perhaps it was inevitable that art…

Bitcoin has attained newfound ubiquity over the past year, with prominent figures ranging from Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio to Tesla’s Elon Musk acknowledging the viability and utility of the asset class. Often referred to as ‘digital gold,’ Bitcoin is supported by a resilient, peer-to-peer global ledger called a blockchain. Like gold before it, Bitcoin is perceived to be a hedge against rising inflation of the dollar and other global fiat currencies. Bitcoin’s popularity and adoption as a reserve asset has further increased over the past year due to the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent monetary expansion.

Over the past…

This year has been filled with an unprecedented amount of disruption. Covid-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our global economy. Here’s a look back at digital asset milestones in 2020, emphasizing institutional adoption, national and regulatory policies. We believe 2021 will be another momentous year.

It has now been several weeks since the Bitfinex hack. As I’ve written before, I still believe in the future of bitcoin and I am encouraged by the ways we’re working to improve security and implement standard practices for the industry.

Nevertheless, in recent weeks BitGo has reviewed our systems and processes to see what we can learn from the situation. We’re constantly seeking to improve our security services and better serve customers; best practices in security are constantly evolving and so are we. …

It’s been two weeks since the Bitfinex breach, and I’m glad to see they are up and running again. Unfortunately, the event has raised questions about the security of Bitcoin, and some suggest it may be impossible to ever secure cryptocurrencies. They’re wrong — and I’d like to tell you why.

I certainly understand the concerns, and there are clear learnings in the Bitfinex story for the Bitcoin ecosystem. But I have full faith in the underlying technology and the multi-signature model. At times like these it is easy to forget that Bitcoin has been built with privacy and security…

Dear BitGo Customers, Bitcoin Community, and Friends,

For the last 48 hours, I’ve been in the frustrating position of having to tell you that “due to an active investigation, I can’t give you answers.” I want to give you answers, and BitGo wants to give you answers, but we really just can’t right now.

As you know, a large amount of Bitcoin has been taken from Bitfinex, and Bitfinex utilized BitGo software as part of its security solution. While we have worked tirelessly with the team at Bitfinex to investigate the theft, the Bitcoin is gone. …

BitGo Editor

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