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When the BitGreen project first launched, the goal was clear: to offer a sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. The founding team was inspired by the incredible potential unlocked in the Satoshi whitepaper, yect as global adoption of Bitcoin grew, so did the waste left in its wake — energy use rivaling European countries, all in pursuit of digital gold. So we did something about it, and brought BitGreen to life.

Fast forward to 2020, with a mature BitGreen project that has achieved the team’s original vision, supported by thousands of community members. While some may label the project a success, we don’t — not yet. Simply put, while we realized the original intention of BitGreen, our impact on the world is negligible. BitGreen will likely not replace BitCoin. Not anytime soon, at least. …



Raising awareness for the advantages of proof-of-stake and other sustainable forms of network consensus.

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