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As a guest writer for, I began publishing articles focused on the promising DeFi movement. I decided to create an archive here in Medium, so my texts are easily accessible.

Top 10 Decentralized Finance Projects in Europe (Part 2)

The first part includes:

  • Bancor — Bancor is an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains.
  • Argent — Argent is a user-friendly non-custodial crypto wallet with integrated DeFi capabilities.
  • Jarvis Money — the first synthetic, fiat-based smart contract wallet with integrated banking-like services.
  • Para Swap — a decentralized exchange aggregator, allowing users to swap their tokens at the best market price
  • Opium Exchange — Opium Exchange is a non-custodial platform for creating, settling, and trading derivatives on Ethereum

Top 10 Decentralized Finance Projects in Europe (Part 1)

The first part includes:

  • Aave — a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol on Ethereum for decentralized lending and borrowing.
  • Nexus Mutual — a community-owned insurance platform on Ethereum. …

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The Bitcoin Whitepaper made me a life-long fan of bitcoin. The æternity one helped me realize that public blockchain technology could disrupt much more than money.

I love Bitcoin and I know everyone at æternity does, too.

It is the original cryptocurrency that unleashed the idea of borderless, public, permissionless, censorship-resistant value networks. For almost 11 years now Bitcoin has been the most well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain project. A “headless brand” that in 2019 could be considered a household name.

Bitcoin was the reason I entered the blockchain space in 2013 and I will always be one of its biggest fans.

Despite all that, Bitcoin is not perfect. And maybe it doesn’t need to be (it actually can’t be). Many call it the “Honey Badger of Money”, but to me it is more the “Horseshoe Crab of Money”, although the phrase is not that catchy. …

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The worst time to find about the dark side of centralization is when it is too late.

In the past few weeks, the global information highways were riddled with news about Huawei’s fall from grace as the US government clamped down on the company and its products. The decision of US policymakers to put the Chinese giant and 68 of its non-US affiliates on the trade blacklist on May 16 led to Google and ARM to announce that they are cutting their ties with the telecom company.

Google banned Huawei from getting access to updates of the Android operating system and stopped providing support and access to all Google services in Huawei’s upcoming mobile communication devices. The heavier blow, however, came from chip designer ARM. …


Vlad Dramaliev

Director, Bithope Foundation | Founder and Community Lead, Sofia Crypto Meetup | Former Director of Communications, æternity blockchain

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