BitMinutes as Part of a Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio?

Our name came up recently in a column on Money Inc about how a coin buyer should create a basket of cryptocurrencies to balance the risk/reward ratio of owning them.

The article focused on how to balance risk, even within an asset class like cryptocurrencies, by selecting coins to buy that have complementary, sound business models, rather than on the buzz created by ICO marketing (which we admit can be quite compelling.)

Here is the whole article:

Here’s the bit about BitMinutes:

BitMinutes creates a currency out of an existing underutilized asset — prepaid cell phone minutes — while filling a social need by helping the underbanked. Prepaid cell phone minutes are quickly becoming an informal currency in thousands of less developed communities where formal banking services are scarce. This has opened up an enticing opportunity for BitMinutes to apply FinTech advances to build a new financial services delivery system. This YouTube video does a pretty good job of explaining the business model:

We hope you agree that our coin makes a lot of sense as a practical, sturdier offset to some of the glitzier but riskier offerings out there. We plan to be around expanding financial inclusion for a long time. Join us on that journey!

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