World Capacity Builders and BitMinutes Forging a Partnership to Attack Rural Poverty

BitMinutes and World Capacity Builders announce a partnership to apply their technologies jointly to solve a worldwide rural financial problem.

BitMinutes built a blockchain and token-based delivery system that can connect anyone in the world to key financial services through their mobile phone. This connects an estimated 2 billion underbanked consumers globally to financial tools they need to in order to expand their economic ventures and raise their standards of living. This market-tested system leverages its prepaid-minute token (BMT) to provide low-cost financial services. BMTs will serve as the universal cryptocurrency for enabling global telecommunications providers, retail merchants and a network of trusted agents to offer free money transfer and guaranteed loans to four billion cellphone users globally.

World Capacity Builders Inc. (WCB), based in Vancouver, Canada has also developed technology and infrastructure to build economic capacity to these 2 billion people, enabling them to have government-issued Identification and phone numbers (Identifiers) and giving them easy-to-register Prime OneCard financial accounts. WCB is supported in its mission by the Prime Domain International LLC (

“We are happy to benefit from a brilliant concept that does not only allow financial inclusion of the unbanked but provides communications facility as well for the unconnected,” says Hazel Bernadette Madrigal Cruz, CEO Barangay Assistance Network, who is working with World Capacity Builders on improving rural connectivity and identity solutions.

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For an example of the type of business that a BitMinute financial service such as microlending, could facilitate, read about starting a Sari Sari stores here: