BitNautic Token Reward System. How to stake Pancake BTNT/BNB LP tokens and earn free BTNT?

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3 min readJan 17, 2022
Bitnautic Token Reward System
bitnautic reward system

BitNautic has announced its own staking platform and reward system. Starting with BTNT-BNB Pancake LP tokens, the reward will continue for approximately 6 months. Follow the steps and get your reward –

Step 1 — Go to

Step 2 — Connect your wallet. To connect you have to hit the ‘Connect’ button on the top right corner. Then the box will open wherein you have to select your wallet option

Select your wallet from these options

Step 3 — You will be shown your Pancake LP token balance for BTNT-BNB pair

BTNT/BNB LP Token Balance in this wallet is 42.4264

Step 4 — Click on the ‘Deposit’ button

Step 5 — You can check ‘Total Staked LP Tokens’, ‘BTNT earned on that’ and ‘Token Price’ on single screen every time you connect your wallet after that

This wallet has earned 917.6750 BTNT till the time and have staked 42.4264 LP Tokens

Step 6 — You can click on ‘Withdraw’ button when you wish to withdraw your LP tokens and BTNT rewards earned from the staking platform.

Click on ‘Withdraw’ button

Select how much you want to withdraw using scroller

ALERT MESSAGE — If you have deposited LP tokens already and you wish to deposit more LP tokens then kindly withdraw your current reward first which you have earned till now and then deposit LP tokens to avoid loosing your reward earned till now.

Thanks for reading! Visit for more details.

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