NeuCoin — The Future of Crypto?

9 days are left till the start of NeuCoin presale. 9 days till 100 million NEU are offered for BTC, starting at 25,000 NEU per BTC. What does that mean, and what is, actually, NeuCoin about?

NeuCoin Basics

NeuCoin is a brand new digital currency based on an innovative PoS (Proof of Stake) model. Founders of NeuCoin believe that PoS technology is better than Proof of Work used for Bitcoin, or a centralized protocol like that of Stellar or Ripple. Strategy seems to be the second name of NeuCoin. By using PoS, founders are willing to distribute the currency strategically, keep low transaction fees and long-term security while maintaining decentralization. A more detailed explanation of the PoS model for NeuCoin can be read here.

Key Advantages of NeuCoin

No wonder that the strategic plan for NeuCoin placed on the official website looks almost like a business plan, as NeuCoin appeals to everyone and invites to invest in it.

Here are the key advantages of NeuCoin described on the website:

  • People behind NeuCoin — experienced, consumer-oriented and successful (Strategic Advisors include the Head of Growth at Spotify, the co-founder and Chief Architect of King (Candy Crush Saga), the creator of Dogecoin, the core developer of Peercoin and a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Several additional high profile Advisors will be announced before launch.)
  • Core strategy — use coin distribution to drive growth and increase utility, with a focus on micro transactions. Thus, NeuCoin will be strategically distributed to reward and incentivize all participants who help increase its utility and value (consumers, companies, exchanges, payment processors, wallets, investors etc.)
  • NeuCoin Foundations — well-financed, decentralized, accountable. NeuCoin’s core code development, user growth programs, and projects to increase utility will be supported by three non-profit foundations based in the Isle of Man: the Code, Growth and Utility foundations.
  • Economics — rewards early investors, enhances security, fully transparent. NeuCoin’s economic model uses very high PoS awards, starting at 100% per year in year one and gradually declining to 6% by year ten. The total coin supply begins with a 3 billion pre-mine and will grow to an estimated 100 billion over ten years, with the actual number dependent on the percentage of coins that are mined over time. A limited number of coins in year one are also awarded to PoW miners, to engage the community that will most likely become active PoS miners long-term.

Step by step, the plan describes the way NeuCoin will beat Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies economically, socially and technologically, attracting people join the presale.

Presale of NeuCoin

Here’s what you need to know if interested in participating in the NeuCoin presale:

“On April 28, 2015, NeuCoin will commence a sale of 100 million NeuCoin tokens in exchange for Bitcoin. The price will start at 25,000 NeuCoin tokens per Bitcoin (approximately $.01 per NeuCoin) and increase by 1% per day. The presale will end after 60 days or when the 100 million tokens have been sold.

All proceeds from the presale will be held in escrow until the NeuCoin cryptocurrency is launched, expected to happen in July. (If the launch does not occur by September 30, all presale purchases will be refunded).”

Summer 2015 will be the launch time of the currency itself, along with, an easy-to-use online wallet, and a consumer on-boarding website

Now here’s the question: will NeuCoin eventually beat Bitcoin?

“Bitcoin has garnered plenty of investor support. But it hasn’t been a hit with regular consumers who don’t care about avoiding banks or government oversight. Despite its massive media attention, Bitcoin has been used in transactions by fewer than one million people. For a regular consumer, it is still hard to understand, difficult to obtain and complicated to use. Most consumers ask: why would they spend the time and effort to figure out how to use Bitcoin?”

We ask: why would they spend the time and effort to figure out how to use NeuCoin?

Still, with having Bitcoin as a pioneer of cryptocurrencies, and such promising massive projects as NeuCoin, we cannot but believe in the future of the crypto ecosystem, can we?

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