BitScreener — The Unparalleled Cryptocurrency Screening Tool

An emerging all-in-one platform that delivers invaluable market information on over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies

The recent surge of popularity in blockchain based cryptocurrencies has caused rapid growth in both price and market capitalization. Bitcoin is the main globally recognized cryptocurrency, but plenty of other alternative coins are being introduced to the market each day. Previously, in order to keep track of either Bitcoin or alternative coins, it required extensive research on forums and chatrooms; BitScreener has revolutionized that.

BitScreener App and Web launched in early 2017, with a mission to simplify and innovate how individuals acquire information about cryptocurrencies. Since then, there has been an overwhelming amount of public support and BitScreener has been growing to match the interest.

BitScreener is a unique cryptocurrency filter oriented platform that provides the most accurate and detailed information regarding cryptocurrencies. BitScreener gives the user the ability to: filter coins based on different market criteria, overlay important chart technical indicators, access aggregate cryptocurrency news, and much more.

Screening tool: The ability to “screen” or filter through the numerous cryptocurrencies based on specified criteria is a powerful feature, that is unique to only BitScreener. The adjustable parameters include: price, volume (24hr.), market capitalization, exchange, performance, order, type, and age. Being able to quickly sort through and find the coins meeting your exact criteria is a critical advantage for both traders and investors.

Advanced technical analysis: Another advantageous component that BitScreener has integrated, is the advanced technical analysis indicators. The indicators overlay directly on a coin’s chart and include: Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index. Due to the extreme volatility of cryptocurrency, every technical indicator you can utilize is invaluable.

News complier & accurate information: Staying current on cryptocurrency news is crucial but can prove to be a difficult task. The aggregate news feed pulls from more than a hundred credible news sources, (CNBC, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Forbes, etc.) and lists it by recently published. In addition, by clicking on a specific coin, BitScreener will display only news regarding that coin.

Comprehensive Homepage: The homepage is an overview of all the cryptocurrency markets, it features the trending cryptocurrencies, top screening parameters, watchlist, the top gaining/losing coins, latest news and total market Heatmap. The Heatmap (as seen below) is vital because it allows the user to quickly see the movements and market capitalization of important over/under performing coins.

Even with the swift development of cryptocurrency, BitScreener is fully prepared to handle the growth. Our superb development team will maintain existing features and consistently add updated ones to ensure the users are getting the best possible data. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, the team at BitScreener believes so should the way you analyze it. These tools ensure that even when using the most volatile cryptocurrency exchange, the user has the best and most current information available to make well-informed decisions.

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