Official announcement from BitScreener regarding the bounty campaigns and additional rewards for bounty participants

Screenshot of the bounty thread on BitcoinTalk

Dear our valued supporters,

As you may have been aware, the BitScreener token sale has ended successful thanks to the overwhelming support from you- our supporters.

The team has been working very hard during the last few days to finalise the stakes of our bounty campaigns so that we can distribute the long-awaited BITX tokens to our bounty participants. The good news is unlike many other projects, BITX will be put in immediate use on our running products.

There have been a lot of discussions and questions regarding the final stakes each of the bounty participant will be entitled to received. There have also been misunderstandings of the original stated bounty policies published on bitcointalk. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the bounty rules one more time and make a final resolution for final BITX bounty participants will receive.

Bounty campaign policies

We would like to emphasize that BitScreener is committed to doing business the right way. It’s the core value of our company. Therefore, we would definitely by all means honor the policies that we originally designed.

The policies was designed to reward a maximum of 6.5m BITX to bounty participants, which is the bounty cap. It was stated in the bounty policies that if the total number of stakes earned during the program does not exceed the cap, which is 6.5m BITX, 1 stake= 1 BITX.

Please be noted that this rule has been kept intact. There is no change to this policy.

Please refer to the bitcointalk for the original policies and let us know should you still have questions.

Additional rewards for bounty participants

However, given the fact that the number of stakes earned during the bounty campaign are significantly less than the cap (i.e the maximum tokens allocated for the bounty which is 6.5m BITX) and in order to show our gratitude to our supporters, the team has decided to reward additional stakes to all bounty participants.

It is, therefore, decided that 3,197,012 BITX of the cap of tokens of bounty will be rewarded to bounty participants. This number is, however, is much higher than the total stakes bounty participants, are entitled to received according to the bounty rules, and to align the interest of our supporters with that of our company, we will lock 50% of this amount for 2 months. The remaining tokens allocated for bounty campaigns which is 3,302,988 BITX will be burned immediately at address:

Please also be noted that all bounty campaigns including App Referral, Twitter, and Facebook will be closed with immediate effect and new marketing programs will be announced shortly.

All bounty stakes will be calculated accordingly and distributed by end of day today PTS time.

Thank you very much our community your continued support and we look forward to building the BitScreener blockchain ecosystem together with you.

All The Best,

BitScreener Team