BitSong Testnet-1 Update


Good afternoon to everybody, we hope you had an excellent weekend and your current mood is one of the best.

Through this release, we would like to summarize what happened in the last week, but also to announce some things that will happen soon.

As you remember, 10 days ago we launched the first BitSong Testnet, which started very well, without major problems and with an average of the 26 Validators Uptime very close to 100%. At the time of writing this article, around 170 thousand blocks were created, with an Average Block Time of approximately 5.62 seconds per block. At the moment you can observe the progress of the Testnet on the BigDipper, a block explorer offered by the Validator Forbole, which we thank for the excellent service.

As you may remember, in this first version of Testnet, we wanted to try the basic principles of our infrastructure, ie Average Block Time, the network, the validators, small transactions but also if there were bugs, errors or other things. At the moment everything seems to go the right way and we are very pleased with these.

As for Testnet-2, the launch is scheduled for August 15th, 2019, and we remind you that you can start sending your transaction to join the pool of validators, following the same guide we published for the previous version.
In Testnet-2 we are introducing various tools and functions, which we are currently developing and which can be tested as soon as it is launched.
The list and the complete details of the next implemented functions will be published in the coming days but we can anticipate that among them there will be the BitSong Console, where it will be possible to interact with the testnet as well as the test of the reward algorithm for the artists.

We also remind you that a few weeks ago we defined the partnership with Tichex, Cosmos’s first Crypto to FIAT bridge, in which members of our Boarding are directly participating in the developments.
For more information on Tichex, we provide some links that could be useful to you:

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:

That said, we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the update and we look forward to finishing the developments of Testnet-2 and launching it in time.

Happy Staking to everyone and remember that BitSong, is not only music!


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