Gossip, news, curiosity ….

Gossip, news, curiosity …. truth or at least you think they are, only the protagonist knows the truth, or in this case the protagonists.
People is still talking about the Oscars Night and especially about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet.
As our beautiful Lady said in an interview “Yes, you saw love, and it was just what we wanted”.

We have not recovered yet from the exciting performance at the 2019 Oscars of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who were so close-knit, to bring the gossips that want them together, to the peak.
At she’s first interview after the victory for Best Original Song with “Shallow”, a question about the performance and chemistry with the co-star was a must.
When asked by a journalist, Lady Gaga, raising her eyes to the sky, says that everything was planned: “Yes, people have seen love and guess what?”

“It was just what we wanted them to see”
Then she explained that “Shallow is a love song, A Star is Born is a love story, so it was important for both of us to be connected all the time for the performance.”
“When you sing a love song, that’s how you want people to feel.” Then she says, “I’m an artist and I think Bradley and I did a great job … we cheated you,”
she concluded with a laugh.

In short, they were simply still in the role of Ally and Jackson of “A Star Is Born”: the show must go on!

For those who believe that it is love, let’s say one thing, time gives all the answers … if it’s love it will come out!
We’ll see.


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