Announcing the End of BTT Airdrops to TRX Holders

The BTT airdrop program was instituted by the BitTorrent Foundation in early 2019 to provide additional functionalities to TRX holders who can use BTT to improve download and upload speeds using BitTorrent Speed, BTFS and the BitTorrent Protocol. Today, after 16 rounds of BTT airdrops, BitTorrent Speed enjoys over 12 million monthly active users. After discussions among the BitTorrent Foundation, community developers, and community representatives, it is the community’s belief that the monthly BTT airdrop to TRX holders has achieved its goals, and will discontinue with immediate effect.

Since its creation in the early 2000s, BitTorrent has grown to become the world’s largest decentralized ecosystem and is widely used by governments, enterprises, and individuals worldwide to share files across a distributed database, accounting for a significant fraction of global internet traffic. Its utility has been further enhanced following its integration with the TRON ecosystem and the BTT tokens, which has enabled a myriad of additional functionalities within the BitTorrent ecosystem. Today, BitTorrent Speed enjoys more than 12.9 million monthly active users and there are over 10,000 daily average nodes on BTFS. Millions of users have used BTT to seed their downloads, with users reporting a 40% to 300% increase in download speeds.

Through May 11, 2020, BTT has completed 16 rounds of airdrops to TRX holders, airdropping a total of 25,987,500,000 BTT out of the total pool of 99,990,000,000 BTT, allowing millions of TRX holders to use BTT within the BitTorrent ecosystem. BitTorrent Foundation will reserve all of the remaining 74,002,500,000 BTT as rewards for the BitTorrent community to encourage their participation in distributed file storage, seeding and transmission activities. Further details will be released by the BitTorrent Foundation in the near future. Please stay tuned.

BitTorrent Foundation

June 13, 2020


尊敬的的BTT与TRX用户,BTT空投的目的是为了让更多的全球用户能够在BitTorrent Speed,BTFS,BitTorrent Protocol中使用BTT,利用BTT增加文件的传输与下载速度,推动全球文件共享与去中心化协议的生态.经过16轮的空投,现在BitTorrentSpeed的月度活跃用户已经突破1200万,为了更好的促进BTT生态发展,经过BitTorrent基金会与社区开发者以及社区代表的多方讨论,我们决定将从即日起,停止针对于TRX持有者的BTT每月空投计划,剩余资金将继续专注于探索其他方式来鼓励用户对于BTT生态的使用,例如针对新用户使用BitTorrentSpeed奖励计划,做种贡献文件传输带宽获得更多的BTT奖励,存储与贡献文件空间来获得BTT奖励等。








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BitTorrent Inc.

A better Internet, powered by people. More info on what we are all about here:

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