BLive Public Alpha Test Guide

BitTorrent Inc.
Sep 22 · 1 min read

BLive is live video streaming developed by BitTorrent, integrated with BitTorrent on Android and BitTorrent Play on iOS.

BLive Android Alpha App is now available for invite-only testing. We will accept first up to 5000 users who are signing up. The goal of this testing is to gather user feedback and fix bugs before launching it to all of the users.

Before you start you would need to meet email requirements: Users need a Google Account ( or a G Suite account to join a test.

To sign up, please email to your Play Store Account, Android device model and year. We will send you instructions on how to participate.

After you receive an email please choose one of the two possible installation solutions to participate in BLive Android Alpha App test.

If you would like to enjoy a more stable BLive version through the Google Play channel which is coming soon, please download BitTorrent App from Google Play Store. You will be able to use the new feature as soon as it’s published as stable.

BLive Team

BitTorrent Inc.

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