BTFS Airdrop Distribution Rules Update

After more detailed discussion and community feedback review, the BTFS team has now adjusted the airdrop rules, changing the single-day airdrop to a total of 150 days Airdrop, and add a storage challenge(ensure files are complete and valid) before each airdrop.

The rules are as follows, 30,000,000 BTT will be distributed to Host user nodes over 100 MiB according to the storage ratio. Airdrop will be distributed at 21 separate times:

If BTFS has detected any cheating behavior or host that denied access, no airdrop will be distributed afterward.

The rules take effect from November 5, PST.

To ensure the development of the BTFS Ecosystem and protect the rights of all miners, BTFS will continually optimize the airdrop distribution rules.

Please contact BTFS customer service, if you need assistance or face any issues.



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