DLive Joins BitTorrent Ecosystem and Begins Migration to TRON Blockchain

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3 min readDec 30, 2019

BitTorrent announced today that DLive, the popular blockchain-based content sharing platform, will be joining the BitTorrent ecosystem and begin the migration to the TRON blockchain. DLive and BitTorrent will be working together to bring blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing, including live streaming, to everyone. DLive will advertise their products and services on BitTorrent as well as using its newest service for storage.

Starting today, DLive and its blockchain development team will collaborate with the BitTorrent team to bolster its products and services. BLive, the live streaming platform introduced by BitTorrent in early 2019, will be merged into the DLive platform, and their team will join the DLive team. DLive will begin utilizing the BitTorrent File-Sharing System (BTFS), a distributed file sharing and storage system, to allow all content living on DLive to truly move towards decentralization. DLive will also merge its account systems with BitTorrent’s to further integrate each community with the other. With this collaborative effort, BitTorrent’s 100 million monthly active users can easily gain access to DLive’s service offerings; solidifying the live streaming giant as one of the largest in the world.

DLive has grown in strides over the past 15 months. The streaming platform boasts a passionate community, a niche product-market fit, and strong adoption has grown to over five million monthly active users. Here is a brief timeline of milestones and achievements from the DLive team:

● September 2018 — DLive migrates to Lino blockchain test net

● December 2018 — First Happy Hour event propels DLive to 100K daily active users

● April 2019 — PewDiePie starts his first exclusive live stream on DLive

● Summer 2019 — PewDiePie co-streams with Ninja, James Charles, and Jack Black which became the biggest live streaming events of the year

● October 2019 — DLive introduces the new IDA — “Lemon” as the platform currency on the Lino blockchain

“DLive is one of the best real-world examples of what is possible when you combine blockchain and digital media,” said Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent. “DLive is a great solution for live media producers. Think of how valuable live streaming content is already to centralized social media platforms who take ownership and advantage of their users’ hard work. We look forward to DLive bringing value to the entire world with the addition of TRON and BitTorrent’s global community of passionate creators.”

“We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to be part of the BitTorrent ecosystem,” said Charles Wayn, CEO of DLive. “I’ve watched them pioneer the digital peer-to-peer space. DLive’s goal of empowering creators and rewarding communities is one step closer with the amplification of this new venture.”

By joining the BitTorrent ecosystem, DLive will however support the Lino blockchain until the transition to the TRON blockchain is complete. The Lino blockchain technical infrastructure will be integrated into BitTorrent however LINO coin will no longer be the fundamental unit of value or utilization in the new ecosystem. To facilitate the integration of BTT into the existing DLive ecosystem, DLive expects to offer various benefits and rewards to existing users to transition from the Lino blockchain onto the BitTorrent ecosystem. Once the migration to the TRON blockchain is successfully completed, DLive will no longer utilize the Lino blockchain.

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