Launch of BTTC Mainnet and BTT Redenomination Plan

  1. becoming a validator on the BTTC network;
  2. staking on BTTC to gain rewards;
  3. participating in the governance of the BTTC community;
  4. paying for gas fees as a native token of BTTC.
  1. paying for fees generated from storing files in the BTFS system;
  2. BTFS mining;
  3. increasing download speed of BitTorrent Protocol on BitTorrent Speed.
  1. In the redenomination, BTT (the old token) will be renamed as BTTOLD whereas the new token will be named BTT. BTT and BTTOLD will assume different token standards. Please distinguish the old and new tokens according to their names, standards, IDs, and contract addresses to prevent financial losses;
  2. At the moment, BTTOLD can only be swapped for BTT through the “Get BTT ‘’ feature on the BTTC app official website (users need to connect to their TronLink wallet and swap manually) and exchanges that support the redenomination. Please do not use other channels for the swap to prevent financial losses;
  3. “Get BTT” on BTTC app only supports swap from BTTOLD to BTT, not the other way round;
  4. When depositing or withdrawing BTT/BTTOLD tokens on an exchange, please make sure that the symbol and full name of the token you are depositing or withdrawing match the one supported by the exchange. If there is a mismatch, please do not proceed with your action. If you deposit an asset that is not supported by the exchange by accident, please contact the customer service of the exchange immediately.

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