Bitcoin White news:

======== Technical updates: ========

IOS and Mac version of wallet are ready. We are waiting for listing in Apple Store, Legal verification — D-U-N-S® Number.

======== Reminder: ========

======== Current activities: ========

  • Now BTW team is working on legal and marketing issues. In the next two weeks interesting changes will be announced. A small puzzle for this — What can be more reliable than the crypto currency provided by gold?
  • The stages of full technical decentralization are in full swing. Let’s start preparing for decentralization in management. As it was mentioned before, developed by us DAO module will create a completely decentralized community without shortcomings in the efficiency and performance. While the DAO module is under development, everyone can start preparation and make preliminary actions. Please take a look at HomeWork.

======== HomeWork: ========

  1. We are in touch with community via Telegram, because now it is most convenient and safe messanger. There are 22 Telegram chat rooms, let’s call them “Local chats”, One local chat is for each country. Please join on required group in the Telegram depending on your country. Here is the chat list:

There you can communicate in your own languages, meet and respect each other. Blockchain is always a family! For high security, we don’t recommend to use your real names in chat rooms, it will be better to use nicknames.

2. Please be ready to vote on Binance when it starts. 
Reminder: “We need everyone’s help to list BTW on
They are organizing a competition from 09/02 till 16/02. You should: 
- create an account on
- add a balance of minimum 0.1 Binance Coin (BNB)
Only one vote per corner can be done, so we invite our community to vote for BTW. With the help of everyone we will be able to be listed on Binance.

======== Reminder of Past news: ========

======== Reminder regarding Delegates: ========

How BTW algorithm will work after consensus updates:
- 10% of the delegate’s income will be distributed between people who vote for him (for candidates);
- The rate of the candidate’s income depends on the weight of the candidate’s vote;
- The weight of the vote depends on the amount of coins in the wallet;

Best regards,
BTW team