BitcoinWhite updates #3:

********* Excnanges and Integrations *********

1. BitcoinWhite has entered into a partnership with a large commodity exchange, BTW will be used on it as the main currency. Details of the news will be after technical integration of BTW.

2. Exchange “Exrates” — will add BTW (specific dates will be announced later)

3. Exchange “GetBtc” — will add BTW tomorrow (08.02.18)

Meet the new BTW representative in France: @MasterBTW He also now will be the curator for the listing on Binance, pay attention to the tasks in the section “HomeWork”

4. Bitcoin White added to “Cheddur” app (!

Cheddur allows you to link wallets, exchanges, and other services that support BTW so that new users can easily get started. You can also review the project and post your BTW addresses on your profile to receive tips/payments/donations in BTW from other users Smiley

Can others from the community please review the profile for quality and help add supported services? The more active the Bitcoin White profile is (via user reviews and addresses), the higher it ranks in search results and the more likely newcomers are to discover the Bitcoin White project! So, let’s show activity in Bitcoin White profile!

Google Play Store:


********* Technical updates *********

5. For more convenient getting updates, we made Launcher (V.0.01.Beta). Tomorrow it will be available for download. Now if you have a technical problem or want to see technical status, you will can see it in Launcher and automatically check some updates. For those who do not trust automatic updates, everything will also be available with manual installation and viewing code on GitHub.

P.S. Bugs and technical wishes continue to write in Telegram chats.

6. All those who filled out the form for joining the BTW team, we did not forget about them, there are a lot of requests, as soon as we get free time, we will immediately start viewing them (most likely it will be after adding consensus updates)

********* HomeWork *********

7. We need everyone’s help to list BTW on
They are organizing a contest from 09/02 until 16/02 to add a corner in their site you will need:
- An account on
- A balance of minimum 0.1 Binance Coin (BNB)
Only one vote per corner can be done, we invite you to vote for BTW. With the help of everyone we will be able to be listed on Binance.

8. Let’s make activity in “Bitcoin White” profile on “Cheddure” app!

Google Play Store:


9. Everybody who have a Twitter and Facebook, put this picture ( on your background. Our family can grow faster if more people see how many of us.

News 30.01.18:

How BTW algorithm will work after consensus updates:
- 10% of the delegate’s income will be distributed to those who vote for him (for candidates)
- The size of the candidate’s income depends on the weight of the candidate’s vote
- The weight of the vote depends on the number of coins in the wallet

Reminder: Exchanges:
- BitFlip — + BTW is traded on “BitFlip” (
- Next exchange — + (BTW will list after their launch).
- Altcoin exchange — + (BTW will list after their launch).
- 5iquant — + BTW is traded on “5iquant” 
- Openledger — + (Wait for integration)
- GetBTC — + (Wait for integration)
- StocksExchange — + (Wait for integration)
- Exrates — + (Wait for integration)
- YoBit — in negotiations.
- Mercatox — technical works, they will list new coins after this works.
- Kucoin — in negotiations.
- Binance — in negotiations.
- Coinexchange — the request is being processed.
- Upcoin — the request is being processed
- Bitpaya — in negotiations
- Okex — the request is being processed.
- Coincheck — the request is being processed.
- Gatecoin — the request is being processed.
- BitZ — in negotiations.
- LiteBit — the request is being processed.
- Huobi — the request is being processed.
- BitHumb — the request is being processed.
- GDAX — the request is being processed.
- Poloniex — the request is being processed.
- Coinone — the request is being processed.
- HitBtc — the request is being processed.
- Coinnest — the request is being processed.
- Aex — the request is being processed.
- Koineks — the request is being processed.
- Coinbene — in negotiations.
- Coss exchange — the request is being processed.
- Tidex — in negotiations.
- Kuna — the request is being processed.
- Exmo — the request is being processed.
- CoinFalcon — the request is being processed.
- ZB — the request is being processed.
- ShapeShift — the request is being processed.
- CryptoBridge — the request is being processed.

We work with exchanges, please be patient.

Reminder: Our new official Bitcointalk account: BitcoinWhite 
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Our old Thread:

Reminder: Documentation. Delegates + FAQ:

Main corps:
BTW Corp 1: @BTW_Community
BTW Corp 2: @BTW_2corps
Please speak only English in BTW Corps!

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Best Regards,
BTW team