Invite Friends and Win New Year Gift

Jan 30, 2019 · 2 min read

【Invite Friends and Win New Year Gift, Sign in to Participate Directly in Winning BTC!】


Feb 1, 2019 00:00:00 to Feb 7, 2019 24:00:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Participation Way

Enter through the link, click on “Join Now” after logging in, and you will have the chance to win the BTC New Year gift!


1. Bit-Z registered users can directly participate in the activity and win the BTC New Year gift. The gifts are as follows:

First Prize: 1 BTC & 15 Day 0% Transaction Fee (Exchange and OTC)

Second Prize: 5 ETH & 1,000 USDT

Third Prize: 1 ETH

2. The more effective new users you invite during the activity, the greater the probability of getting rewards!

* “Effective new users” means the real users who voluntarily register during the activity and do transactions.

3. You can also enjoy the “Invitation Rebate”benefit during the activity, which means that you will obtain 50% of the transaction fee of your referee’s every transaction as the reward.

4. The winning list will be announced within 15 working days after the activity, and the rewards will be issued simultaneously.

5. Bit-Z reserves the right to interpret the activity and handle the cheating behavior of participating users. During the activity, if non-effective users are invited by improper means to conduct malicious competition, the reward will be cancelled.

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