Nuls will be listed on Bit-Z Making progress on internationalization

After a long-term evaluation of the Nuls project and community, the overseas exchange Bit-Z decided to list Nuls in the near future. The deposit service will be started at 10:00a.m. on October 20, 2017, and the transaction will be started at 12:00a.m. on October 23, 2017. Announcements related released on Bit-Z official website:

Nuls community supporters can experience better trading services at Bit-Z, and for Nuls, owning approval of overseas exchanges is another milestone to Nuls in the internationalization process.

Block chain is another era of dividends, besides block chain technology, the Internet and artificial intelligence. There is no such technology to make the world so surprised. Although the development of block-chain technology is accompanied by the existence of ICO bubbles, it does not stop the research of block-chain technology in real business, and block-chain technology is almost supported by all countries in the world.

Facing the harsh trading environment in China, the Nuls team did not slow down the pace of technology research, but actively sought overseas partners in order to get recognized, seeking further supports on the technical exploration and product landing. By reaching a cooperation, the two sides in the development of the block chain reached a consensus.

It is worth noting that the overseas exchange Bit-Z has a strict blockchain project review team, not all projects can be recognized, not all currencies can be circulated on Bit-Z. Listing Nuls on Bit-Z is the result of the study on the project, helping Nuls to be international. As one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms, Bit-Z has always been committing to provide better service to users by creating a more secure, stable, convenient and efficient trading platform. Users can trade BTC,ETH, LTC and many other digital currencies on the platform freely. Bit-Z has won the praise of users because of the world’s leading top technology and smooth trading experience.

Believing that with Bit-Z’s help, Nuls will be a highly customizable block chain infrastructure, most modules of which are plugable in a short time, enabling companies to deploy a customized block chain to meet a particular set of requirements.

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