Transaction of ASCH will be soon started on Bit-Z at 10:00, Sept 28,2017

After sustained investigating on Asch, Bit-Z recognizes that Asch has superior technology strength and business reputation.So we affirm that Asch will be listed on Bit-Z.

Depositing Launch Time:21:00 on September 24, 2017

Trading Launch Time:10:00 on September 28, 2017(Updated)

Asch is one of the most influential blockchain development platforms, aiming to reduce developers difficulties on development and creativity, which can be involved and used by increasing number of people. Asch has something in common with Etherum, whose focus is not limited a particular area. API provided can be freely combied to achieve a variety of different applications. Asch inherited and enhanced the DPOS algorithm,greatly reducing the risk of double payment.Aschs side-chain application mode not only delayed the block expansion problem, but also make the dapp more flexible and personalized. In a word, Asch is offering a prospective, low-cost and one-step application solution.

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