Bitsense trading competition

Bitsense Trading event.

At bitbegin exchange, traders can now earn Ethereum while trading on the exchange. Literally. With the new Bitbegin BINs Trading Competition, which runs from Dec 21st to Dec 31st, 2018. you can get prizes in the form of Ethereum (ETH) for emerging as the highest price buyer and highest BINs accumulator.

Trade BINs and Earn Ethereum

If you’ve been using the Bitbegin exchange for quite a while, you might be familiar with our block reward system which rewards trader/investors Bitbegin Coin (BIB)for holding Bitsense (BINs). However, for this new trading competition, we want to reward traders with Ethereum for buying/selling Bitsense with emphasis on highest price buyer. you are free to buy or sell in any BINs pair of your choice.

The best part of this crypto trading contest is: you get your prizes in the form of Ethereum and the BINs you bought can also be staked to mint BIB coin as block rewards
We are giving away lots of ethereum in prizes for the top 3 traders daily during the promo period. Here’s the breakdown of how the prizes will be split:

Every day we will find the highest price buyer for BINS/BTC pair, BINs/NGN and BINs/ETH and reward the top 3 highest price buyer

• The first one: reward 2ETH

• The second one: reward 1ETH

• The third one: reward 0.5ETH

For example,
If two investors buy at the same price 12 sat, the person who buys the highest amount of BINs will be the winner, 
If two investors, one of them buy at the price 12 sat and the other one buy at price 11 sat, the investor buys at 12 sat will be the winner,

The rules:

1. Only the investors who locked more than 10k BINS are able to take part in the event.
2. The highest price buy amount must be more than 5,000 BINS
3. All BINs bought each day by traders must be staked
The event will last for 10 days.


Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Bitbegin will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.