10 Reasons Why 2018 is the Best Time for You to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

“Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative. — Nassim Taleb”


Cryptocurrencies have made people millionaires!! They have made the non-investors regret that “why hadn’t I brought bitcoin when it was just $0.5?” Just look at the Google searches when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies which have grown enormously in a couple of years. Investing just 5K USD in a successful ICO can get returns by making you a multi-millionaire. So, definitely investing in cryptocurrencies is worth the risk.

BUT, Is investing in Blockchains restricts itself only for making profits and money? Then you may be wrong…Blockchains have potential to take our lifestyle to a newer dimension. Just explore the upcoming ICO listings; each and every ICO brings with itself a new and improved digital transformation to enhance our lives.

It’s not only that Blockchains are committed only to Fintech but it has diversified education, banking, healthcare, private networks, communication and a lot more domains. So, if you are an avid technologist, entrepreneur, digital enthusiast or just a common man, Blockchains have everything for everyone. Have look at some of the reasons why 2018 is the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Returns Beyond imaginations

Do you know what drive people crazy about cryptocurrencies? Yes!! it’s the returns they offer over time. Say, you have purchased a bitcoin in 2010, the value has grown more than 100 folds the present day. On the contrary, if you have purchased stocks from a stock exchange, they would have registered a miniature growth may be of 10%. So, the difference is clear… The more you invest early, the higher are the returns.

A word of caution: Before making any cryptocurrency investment, explore the internet for which cryptocurrency to buy. The crypto industry is highly volatile and also in its embryonic stage. So, due diligence is appreciated.

Increased Acceptance worldwide

In most of the jurisdictions, the government is framing protocols regarding the governance of cryptocurrencies. This clearly indicates the acceptance of cryptocurrencies globally. It’s the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and their volatility which is causing a hike in their demand.

Reward per block is decreasing, grab NOW

Do you know, after addition of a specified number of blocks, the reward value per block is reduced. Say, after addition of approx 210k blocks to bitcoin chain, the number of reward bitcoins reduces to half. In 2009, 50 bitcoins were rewarded for a successful addition of block, it reduced to 25/block in 2012 and will now be 12.5/block in future.

Huge Growth Potential

As the technology is fairly new and gaining momentum, many people find the crypto world, intimidating. Just because they get confused with the jargon and technicalities involved. Cryptocurrencies are fully loaded with opportunities and potential, the early you board this train, the better will be your gains as well as experience.

Secure cryptographic Algorithms

The backbone of Cryptocurrencies is the Blockchain platform which is well secured with highly advanced cryptographic algorithms. These algorithms are impossible to breach but with a constraint that any transaction made is 100% irreversible.

Transactions in a blink of the eye

Blockchains rule out the need for third parties which has ultimately turned the complete transaction process faster, cheaper and efficient. Now the money can be transferred to any part of the globe at fraction of the second and is directly between sender and the receiver.

Now, No government interference. No extra charges from the bank!!! Send money to anyone across the international boundaries at just the blink of your eye.

Empowers the masses

With no central authority governing, it empowers the masses to take the full control of their money in their hands itself. You can freely transfer money as per your wish to anyone without paying that hefty money to intimidators as transaction fees and that too 24/7. You make your own rules. You are your own controlling officer!!!

Become the veterans of this revolutionary change

We know cryptocurrencies are expanding and so are the benefits associated with them. So, why not be a part of such a change, which is destined to grow enormously. You’ll feel proud being associated with such a revolutionary change from the beginning, somewhere down the lane in future.

Zero taxation charges

This is indeed the best part. Investing in cryptocurrencies is free from taxation in all jurisdictions. The reason is that there isn’t any involvement of third parties or government institutions for any cryptocurrency investment.

Lower inflation risk

A bad government policy? The currency of that nation suffers. Cryptocurrencies are immune to inflation as they are not a part of nation’s economy and moreover their number is fixed. The value of cryptocurrencies is independent of the trends of the global economy and their value stays the same even in the worst of circumstances.


Cryptocurrencies are blossoming and are the real game changers affecting our lives for the better. They aim to empower the masses and making the organizational processes more transparent and of course delivering high returns to the investors.

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Originally published at managingyourfinance.com on May 15, 2018.

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