After receiving an overwhelming response earlier this year in Moscow, some more new success blocks were added in Atlanta last week. World’s largest Blockchain event in History, Blockchain World Conference was organized in Atlantic city, New York from July 11 to July 13, 2018. This three day event witnessed presence of around 8000+ crypto enthusiasts & evangelists with a worldwide streaming count of 25000+.

Our eminent Senior Advisor, Mr. Lalit Bansal along with Mr. Navdeep Garg (CTO), Mr Ravi Dutt (Co-Founder) and Mr. Mahesh Chand (Advisor) attended the conference as a speaker.

As promised, Team Bitbose is leaving no stone upturned in making Bitbose a clear winner across globe. Just after attending successful conference at Moscow, WBC Summit 2018, Bitbose is all set to make a strong imprint over Atlantic City, USA.

World’s largest Blockchain event in History, Blockchain World Conference will be organized at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 11 to July 13, 2018. As per the official BWC website, around 8000+ crypto enthusiasts will be attending this historical event with a worldwide streaming count of 25000+.

This event is first of its kind which successfully brings together…

Mahesh is the founder of C# Corner and CEO of Mindcracker Inc. Mahesh is also a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP, author, speaker, Blockchain Consultant.

Bitbose, one of the smartest and fastest growing Blockchain ICO is excited to announce that Blockchain technology strategist and advisor Mahesh Chand has joined its growing advisors team as a senior blockchain and ICO advisor. A well-known name in the Blockchain and developer community, Mr. Chand brings 22 years of technology industry experience and knowledge to the Bitbose panel of Advisors that now has experts from various industries including fin-tech, technology, Blockchain and cryptocurrency.


BitBose is the solution to all the problems that we have with banks today.

Its key features are:

1. A revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange — that is connected to several decentralized exchanges all over the globe to find and give you the best buy/sell price for your cryptos.

2. A lending platform — take out loans against your cryptocurrencies at the lowest interest rates in the world. Loan amount sanctioned to small borrowers does not require any collateral.

3. An AI-ML bot — Spike, an AI-ML syndicated bot performs hundreds of trade per minute and earns profits for the holders of…

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” — Steve Jobs

I am deeply inspired and motivated by the genius founder Steve Jobs, from the day my dad introduced me to the digital world. As I grew up and opted for computers in grade VI, my programming mind got activated. I remember, I used to complete all my computer lessons before they were taught in class. …

Mining Program

Cryptocurrency has been trending and still is the hottest topic for discussion over the internet forums, communities and social media. There’s no surprise that investing in cryptocurrency has unveiled a new way of reaping out profits (with a ginormous value) just by sitting at home. With every new currency popping over internet each day, there unfolds a new mining operation with promising returns, unique dividend models and easy governance. …

Bitbose is head-on inventing new ways to grow business by channelizing the underlying opportunities of networking.

We are glad to inform that Team Bitbose actively attended and participated in the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit , Or WBC Summit in Moscow, Russia on May 19,2018. The complete journey has equally been exciting and rewarding.

A user friendly Guide on evaluating Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) investments.

The love for the cryptocurrencies is on cloud nine and the trend is expected to rise exponentially this year as well. The bitcoin evangelists continue to influence people to buy bitcoins and the results are evident. The popular trading platform “coinbase” crashed last year as it was unable to handle the sheer volume of bitcoin transactions when the value rose to $19,000/bitcoin.

There is no second opinion that crypto assets are worth investing. If you wanna make handsome money as the early bitcoin adopters did, you need to think BEYOND Bitcoin. There are hundreds of ICO opportunities floating over the…

On 19th and 20th May, Bitbose Team will be participating “World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018” in Moscow, Russia ( /
This is a big event with the presence of more than 200 speakers on 12 sections from all over the world. Especially, there will be more than 100 ICO projects from over 100 countries worldwide. It is officially supported by IDACB.

WBCS is a golden chance for ICOs and investors to meet up, communicate and learn from each other. Besides, it is an opportunity to expand the influence and brand names of ICO projects. …

Bitbose has come up as the most advanced crypto exchange that presents an absolute platform for complete crypto banking solution. The platform assures fairest and lowest exchange rate.
Senior ICO expert Mark Kreimerman has recently joined latest AI-powered crypto platform Bitbose as Senior Technical Advisor.

Bitbose represents the smartest & most transparent cryptocurrency and the most advanced crypto exchange in the current digital currency industry. Developed on Ethereum blockchain, the company also stands out with the guarantee of faster funds transfer as well as lowest and fairest exchange rates.
“What made me join Bitbose is its futuristic outlook towards ensuring a…


BitBose: Explore opportunities to make income from chain of trust.

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