You are such an ignorant biased moron.
Nathan Ryan

Absolutely not true. Republicans were all over Obama in ways that would have Trump crying like a little girl. Hanging effigies, marching with racist signs, and reporting everything. Fox News practicaly “gave birth” over Obama’s “terrorist fist bump.” Oh, and as I must, EVERY single time I write a reply like this, Limbaugh’s infamous quote — and yes, it IS a quote — “I would rather see America fail than see Obama succeed.” Remember that? Do ya? Or here’s another quote. (Hint: It was a Tweet.) “How can we let this happen? We should march on Washington.” Hmmm. Wonder who said that. Maybe the SAME guy who started the ludicrous “Birther” movement. The guy who built his political fortunes on that LIE. Then he compounded the lie, by blaming it on Hillary.

I don’t care that you support this asshole. Just don’t go around with a bunch of “alternative facts” about what angels you all were, towards Obama.

I’m out. I just threw up in my mouth.

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