Bitquence — Next-Generation Universal Wallet and Value Management Platform

The main purpose of the Bitquence project is to make the number of wallets up to hundreds for digital entities or cryptoparas much easier than it was for entity control by downloading a universal purse. Thanks to this new generation of wallets, buy-sell movements are gathered and the costs will be reduced to unbelievably low levels.

1. Bitquence advantage

a . Wallet & Liquidity Layer: A central wallet management system connected to the Bitquence Liquidity Network, created by the Bitquence token itself. Links are made through fire to the market exchange, the liquidity network will be decentralized.

b. Bitquence Platform Layer: Includes the Community Consensus component to assess individual token and criptocurrency over technical advantages and qualities. Ratings will work on the basis of the content of the eyes in it in the bitquence platform. This will connect to various Dynamic Asset Allocations, such as “coin basket”. Users can buy and hold in the Bitquence platform.

c.Cold Storage: Safe storage that does not have to be always connected to the internet.

Managed Allocations and Transparency

Users can modify Allocations to decide on the percentage of specific assets. When you modify a Bitquence Allocation it becomes a Manage Allocation. Risk ratings for managed allocations are determined by community consensus. Users will be able to vote on an individual coin’s riskiness as well as its technical quality. This will enable users to quickly understand each individual coin’s risk and perceived technology quality so you can get your estimate of how risky your selected or customized coin allocation is. Fee structures will be the same as those inBitquence Index Allocations and will also be based on high-water mark rules

Digital Liquidity Network

The Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network is the supporting architecture that enables the many capabilities that the Bitquence Universal Wallet has. The Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network will use Bitquence Tokens (BQX) to transfer and transform value from any source and into any destination. The Liquidity Network operates by rapidly pairing networks of Bitquence users performing different bulk transactions together to transform value on top of underlying assets. Each of Bitquence’s features such as Automatic Gas Conversion or Dynamic Asset Allocations will deepen the liquidity of the Bitquence Token and make the Liquidity Network more robust. By using this infrastructure, there is no counterparty risk and no leverage. Everything in the liquidity network is backed 1:1 with underlying cryptocurrency assets ensuring that Bitquence will always be solvent mitigating risks to users

Cold Storage and Security

Coinbase keeps 98% of their funds in cold storage. With the Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network, assets are liquid and transferrable, but can be kept in cold storage until withdrawal, similar to a bank. Bitquence will distribute paper and hardware wallets at geographically distributed safety deposit boxes around the world to secure assets safely and securely. Cold storage will sync at random intervals with hot storage wallets so users can deposit and withdraw freely. Cold Storage will be built into all

2. The Bitquence Platform

Number of outstanding wallet apps, With digital assets that manage many wallets for each of your currencies making it difficult to do. For that we create a platform that can provide a single powerful point as Interaction with the new economy. This Next-Generation Digital Wallet will be the backbone of our asset management and cryptographic services platform.

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