ZEUS Crowdfunding a New way to Raise Crypto for World Wide Emergencies and more

ZEUS partners with DarexTravel

ZEUS platform had It’s launch on CryptoHub yesterday Immediately after It sealed a HUMANITARIAN PARTNERSHIP with DarexTravel both of these projects have been getting a lot support from new investors lately. ZEUS ultimate goal is to bring a way for people to crowdfund cryptocurrencies for some of the following reasons:

· Natural or man-made disaster relief

· Illness or injury relief

· Poverty relief

· Funeral expenses

· Education donations

· Athletic team fundraising

Essentially ZEUS is trying to become the GoFundMe of cryptocurrencies, the goal is very ambitious with the right team and guidance it can definitely be achieved, once they release their Crowdfunding Website people will see the real world use case for ZEUS.

Why Choose Zeus?

As we know it, donating to charity is big business with many organisations handling several million in revenue. Unfortunately, many organizations have become morally and ethically unsound in how they handle those funds. By applying our blockchain technology, Zeus Network will create a new pathway for non-profit crowdfunding distribution and work to eliminate corruption.

Zeus Network is built on Waves blockchain, which enables fast and secure transactions where funds can be sent to anyone globally within seconds. This revolutionary technology provides a platform for any user to participate in charitable giving, no matter what the prior limitations may have been. As long as one has an internet or mobile connection, a transaction can take place.

Our platform will offer the services of various participating legitimate associations and individual crowdfunding operations. Each entity or association will be displayed on our platform with an attached progress bar, so those donating can monitor the progress of each project.

For the sake of legitimacy and security, any organization who participates on the platform must first go through a vetting process prior to acceptance. We will also hold community voting rounds and will consider individual listing requests so that we may be accessible to not only the large associations, but individual and small projects as well.

The community crowdfunding campaign will also be include the option to create your own personal fund-raising campaign for causes such as medical bills, education fees, funeral fees, and sporting team funding, to name only a few.

Once all the goals are satisfied and funds have been fulfilled, Zeus Network will complete the project by sendingthose assets to a decentralised address supplied by the organizer, while applying a 5% service fee. A confirmation receipt will be provided to the organizer and attached to all completed campaigns. The advantage provided by the blockchain assures that a leger of all transactions is maintained on the chain and can be used as a proof of allocation of assets.

Decentralised Zeus Wallet & Registered Exchanges

Users can easily send and receive Zeus Tokens to and from our decentralised wallet backed by Waves platform. In order to process a transaction, fractional amount of Waves is debited in order to supply as the “gas” fee to move the asset from originator to receiver.

Purchasing our tokens can be done through participating exchanges and can be bought with specific pairings such as BTC/LTC/ETH (to be determined). Each exchange will have its own “exchange” wallet to store your Zeus tokens for trading, but we recommend to store within our decentralized wallet.

For more information please visit ZEUS website here: https://zeusnetwork.io/