Get paid crypto to learn Bitcoin!

Would you like to learn more about bitcoin? Would you like to earn tokens when you finish a simple and easy online bitcoin course? I’m supposing that you would like this and more. But wait, what do you think about receiving a finder’s commission for helping others learn? Sounds great? Let me tell you more.

Join the Bitcoin Revolution in Education: Join Extra Credit

Are you familiar with MIT’s advanced cryptography course on blockchain? It’s hard to understand and it’s geared for people with advanced Mathematics degrees. How about Stanford’s blockchain offerings? The same. You need to be a genius with a Ph.D. to get what they’re talking about. How about Harvard’s mini-course on blockchain? You need to have lots of money to get in. It’s Harvard, man, what do you expect?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, us average guys only need to learn about the Bitcoin train so we can get on it. We need to understand Bitcoin so we can profit from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We need get those mini Bitcoin courses so we can get in on the opportunities in the world of crypto. We need it right now and fast.

Extra Credit solves this for us.

Remember the name of this great ICO project: “Extra Credit.” Repeat that. Extra. Credit. Great! Now we can begin.

The reason I asked you to remember the name “Extra Credit” is because of its promise. If you have a full day job but would still like to learn about bitcoin, you can join the online course for Bitcoin here. It’s a great way for you to earn extra credits.

Bitcoin Homework is Extra Credit’s partner site. As you can see, the ICO Pre-Sale has not yet started but Bitcoin Homework is already up there. Go ahead, join and learn! Many of the courses are available for free. To top that, once you finish a certain number of courses, you get Extra Credit tokens.

Why you need to join

You need to think outside the box. If you’ve come this far in reading this article, I can tell that you have vision. That vision begins here. You know you need this. You know that blockchain, bitcoin, and ethereum will disrupt and change your industry. This is true if you’re an accountant, a lawyer, a real estate broker or one of the elite cryptocurrency master traders.

  1. An accountant needs to be very familiar with blockchain’s decentralized distributed ledger. Blockchain can very well change accounting systems.

2. A lawyer has to understand how smart contracts will work in the future of transactions.

3. Real estate brokers know that many platforms are already in the ICO stage. Title registry, property listings, development contracts, deeds and mortgages fit in smart contracts. The industry is changing.

4. Cryptocurrency master traders need to know what makes the market tick. Strategy demands laser focus on every tiny factor that could be a signal for the bulls or the bears. It can spell the difference between millions made or lost.

5. Even government regulators need to understand the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Otherwise, how would they regulate?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

How to earn in the program

Before that, you must be asking why we are offering tokens for people to finish learning.

Four words: “Incentivized and tokenized learning”

Imagine if all schools adapted this method. Students learn, and in return students receive tokens that have monetary value. Now this is going beyond the Extra Credit whitepaper but the idea is there. We’re thinking beyond the project’s success and into the mid to far future. Imagine using blockchain technology in mainstream public education. Diplomas will be in the blockchain. Grades will be in the blockchain and the rewards would also be in the blockchain.

By incentivizing tokenized learning, students are motivated to go beyond learning. It gives them an inspiration to strive harder.

Contrast that with today’s system where students are saddled in student debt. In today’s conventional educational system: students end up buried in debt after graduation. We want to change that. We need to change that.

The movement begins now and it begins with you

If you invest in the ICO, you will be joining a movement that could be the stepping stone to something greater. Think beyond. Think into the future. Think about the time when blockchain has already crept up in all aspects of life. Think about the time when the smart cities they are building now, are already there. Where will you be?

The affiliate program rewards and encourages

We would like to share this vision with you. We would like you to share it to others as well. The affiliate program hastens this process of vision sharing by incentivizing the vision. In this way, our benefit becomes yours as well. Everybody wins.

Written by — Cryptocurrency E-Learning Incentivized with Extra Credit (XTRA) — 80+ FREE Courses w/ 4K+ Students! Learn to Earn with BitcoinHomework

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