In the Bitcoin Gold Rush, Industry Starving for Blockchain Education Network Talent

In the Bitcoin gold rush, the need for blockchain development talent is critical. Maersk, IBM, Accenture, J.P. Morgan Chase and others are on the lookout for people with a critical skill set: blockchain proficiency. This very day alone, one need only look at to see that there are 261 job postings that need blockchain expertise.

Leverage your own blockchain education network to get a bitcoin job

Bitcoin and blockchain technology has graduated from “magical Internet money” to industry standard. How many people stand to benefit? A lot. The multiplier effect of disruptive technologies such as the blockchain spawns a lot of opportunities. To get a clear and decisive idea of what opportunities are out there, we’ve come up with a list to give you an idea:

Jobs that need blockchain proficiency (As of December 24, 2017) — 261 jobs

  • Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Chief Security Officer, New York, New York.
  • Blockchain and Javascript Ninja, Denver, Colorado.
  • Compliance Officer, Greater Los Angeles Area.
  • Bitcoin ATM Locator, Portland, Oregon.
  • Cryptocurrency Analyst, Parker and Lynch, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Freelance Copywriter, Greater New York Area.
  • Frontend Engineer — Cryptowatch, Los Angeles, California. — Freelance/Remote (As of December 24, 2017) — 1,055 jobs

  • Blockchain Developer, United Kingdom.
  • English Content Writer, Sweden.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Developer, United States.
  • Mobile App Developer for Cryptocurrency Exchange.
  • Developer Bitcoin Payment Page ASP.NET, C#, United States.
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Website Developer, Georgia.
  • Head Blockchain Dapps Development, India.

ExtraCredit aims higher

Big things start in little things. Consistent synergy will reap handsome dividends in the form of opportunities. ExtraCredit through its partner, BitcoinHomework seeks to position itself strategically. Bitcoin education will be like the railroad barons, toolmakers, hotel owners and entrepreneurs of the gold rush.

Micro-courses with incentivized and tokenized learning will open the flood gates of opportunity. Even seasoned developers, programmers, writers and other professionals need to retool their skills. It’s a whole new paradigm that’s only beginning to take shape. With many Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) changing industries, blockchain talent is a scarce commodity.

Industry Crossroads

Disruptive and emerging technologies all suffer from the same growth pains: lack of credible talent. Bitcoin and blockchain isn’t immune to this. It’s like going back to the 90’s and trying to find HTML developers. Scarcity is premium. Specialized knowledge can command the price with authority.

No matter the industry, for as long as blockchain will find a utility, professionals will need to adapt. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate broker, a web developer or even a farmer. Blockchain will change your industry.

The Benefits of a Blockchain Education Network

Industry from across all sectors is realizing the need to form a pool of competent and seasoned blockchain experts. ExtraCredit integrates social mechanisms such as competitions, incentivized learning and tokenized participation. The affiliate program encourages more people to join. It is very probable to see entire focus groups and corporate divisions to join in the learning environment. This makes the transition of companies from legacy systems to blockchain, seamless. It also ensures continuity and transfer of knowledge. A smooth process workflow will also save time.

Self Paced Learning

Since BitcoinHomework is online, existing employees can learn at their own pace. This saves valuable man hours for the company which could use this time integrating other aspects of the technology. The innovative aspect of the program also factors in the need to motivate a learner. By rewarding tokens for the successful completion of a course, it gives the learner a sense of ownership. These can also take a competitive turn through competitions that drives students to do better. After the end of the program, students would be able to quantify and rate themselves through the number of tokens they hold.

ExtraCredit’s Blockchain Education Network Will Address the Brain Drain

The field is now open. The prize is there for the taking. It’s a race and it’s going to be a mad scramble. One cannot overstate that Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will change all our lives. ExtraCredit’s vision focuses on the synergy of the human aspect of the blockchain. Create a pool of talented blockchain experts. Make the pool bigger through education and learning. Develop the infrastructure. Partner with leading industry stalwarts. Create an entire self sustaining system. This will create a snow ball effect that will create more jobs and more opportunities. How many people will gain from this? As many as the industries and sectors that will be revolutionized by the blockchain. The sky is the limit.

Written by — Cryptocurrency E-Learning Incentivized with Extra Credit (XTRA) — 80+ FREE Courses w/ 4K+ Students! Learn to Earn with BitcoinHomework

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