Keystone: A new hardware wallet company

Hi everyone I am Lixin. Former head of hardware at Cobo. I was leading a team developing Cobo’s hardware wallet product line — Cobo Vault.

I intended to build Cobo Vault as an ultimate security tool that provides self-custodial solutions against hacks on centralized services essentially to prevent tragedies like the Mt.Gox from ever happening again. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this belief necessarily.

Cobo, the parent company of Cobo Vault, has decided to deprioritize Cobo Vault, their cold storage hardware wallet subsidiary, to “minimum maintenance”. It means that no new devices will be manufactured henceforth.

Established on November 1st…

Lixin Liu

CEO of @KeystoneWallet . Formerly the creator of @CoboVault . Helping you protect your bitcoin. Proud Father & amateur rock climber.

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