Bitcoins’ Pickup-Line

Credit: CoinTelegraph

When I was younger and still till today I had pickup-lines anytime I came across a gorgeously looking lady(who could be the one). Pickup-lines are one liners employed to convince a girl you just met why she should spare her time and listen to what you have to say(phone number end-target).

Lets check out some lines Bitcoins could use to convince a first-time consumer why she could be the one.

Bitcoin has a limited/controlled supply and since it just can’t be created out of thin air, the value of bitcoin will continue appreciating in the long run.
Bitcoin has been the best performing currency in the last two years(best-performing currency title in 4 of the last 5 years).
Bitcoin will become a legal tender in April recognized by the third largest economy in the world Japan.
Bitcoin fondly termed digital gold has surpassed the price of an ounce of gold a few times the month, including its impressive sharp rebound from ETF rejection.
Bitcoin is powered by the ingenious, revolutionary, game-changing Blockchain technology; an incorruptible, alter-proof, open distributed database.