Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines:
Promoting Education, Representation, and Community-Building in the Bitcoin Industry.

The Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines (BOP) is proud to officially announce our formation as a fully registered non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.

The group, which started forming itself informally around mid-2014, is made up of various Bitcoin community leaders and members who have played an active role in the Bitcoin industry in the Philippines in the last 12 months. The five listed incorporators are Miguel Cuneta, co-founder at Satoshi Citadel Industries, James Florentino, co-founder at, Miguel Malvar Molina, CTO of Bitcoin Philippines Corp., Raul Tangco, Active Bitcoin community member, and Jay Villarante, COO of LoudPanda Interactive.

This non-profit organization will be composed registered Bitcoin-related businesses under Philippine law as well as individuals such as Filipino citizens, permanent residents, and working visa holders of the Philippines who subscribe to the organization’s goals and objectives.

The main objective of the organization is to use education to promote the benefits of cultivating the Bitcoin industry and technology. This will be done by hosting regular bitcoin talks and seminars that will be free and open to the public, to be hosted by various experts and community leaders, both local and international on a regular basis.

Another of its priorities is to communicate with the government or any regulatory agency that will need to be involved in this industry in the future. Its goal is to foster a good relationship with government agencies that will make for a robust industry compliant with all the requirements needed. Countering illegitimate uses of the technology by actively communicating with the authorities will also be a priority of the organization.

Last but not the least, Community-building will also play a big part in the mission and vision of the organization. We aim to create a healthy environment in which anybody can participate, learn, and add value to the industry. The BOP will rely on cooperation and collaboration among its members to foster to make this industry thrive.

We are now in the early stages of our development and are inviting everyone who wants to become part of the Bitcoin industry to join the organization. We believe that the formation of this group will be vital to the growth of this new industry not just in the Philippines, but in the ASEAN region and the rest of the world. By having a duly-recognized organization, Filipinos and Philippines-based bitcoin businesses will have a voice in this industry and ultimately benefit from the technology and future innovations it will produce.

Send us a message at for inquiries and to get updates on our progress.

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