Bitcoin Rhodium will be listed on Turkish exchange!

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By presenting Bitcoin Rhodium as a unique crypto commodity with limited supply and a strong use case, BTR has started growing trading on first exchanges.

For now, Bitcoin Rhodium [XRC] is one of the most traded altcoins on decentralized exchange Bisq.

The second exchange announcement came just a few weeks later. Bitcoin Rhodium to start trading on this month!

And today, and BTR team announced BitcoinRh [XRC] will be listed on Turkish exchange with BTC and TRY pairs!

At present, you can buy BTR at Bisq at still very reasonable prices:

Download the latest realease, it is out at
Add Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) in BISQ Settings -> Add Altcoins

Tutorial How to buy a BTR

For further information, follow us on our website:

A copy of the Bitcoin Rhodium white paper is linked here:

Twitter feed:

and Discord channel:

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